North Korean’s View of the US

I found these interviews of North Korean refugees by Asian Boss fascinating.




Simon and Martina, with the help of the very-talented Dan, have made an outstanding video about a chef in Tokyo, who has an incredible respect and interest in local ingredients and regional cultures.

I’d love to know how they got to join him in Ehime. Just start watching and see what you think. Would you want to try dinner at Sugalabo? I wonder how much that costs.

Talk about Luxury

Check this video on flying in the suite, known as “The Residence” on Etihad Airlines. I’d be tickled pink just to get the luxury of not standing in line forever for security (see below), never mind the champagne, though I wouldn’t pass up Dom Perignon.

If you want to see whether the service is consistent, check out the second, longer video.

Chinese Zumba?

Here’s my first stab at an iMovie. It’s less than a minute long. The guy in the orange was so joyful.


I had hoped to visit Taiwan this October since we have a week off, but because of the visa delay, and the further need to enjoy the Immigration services on offer in China where it takes about 4 months to get your visa done. Immigration has our passports for three weeks! So I’m not going to Taiwan, but can experience it on YouTube through Simon and Martina’s eyes and palettes.

I wonder what my friend Debbie, who’s from Taiwan thinks of this.

Shot, Reverse Shot

I always learn something surprising when I watch Every Frame a Picture. Here’s one about the Coen Brothers.

Curiosity Correspondent?

Thank you Chicago Tonight for introducing me to Emily Graslie of the YouTube channel, Brain Scoop. Emily’s engaging, accessible science videos teach viewers about a wide range of natural science topics, e.g. the difference between horns and antlers:

I think I implicitly knew some of these facts, but now it’s all clear and I can speak with confidence should a lull in dinner party conversation arise.

I love that this smart, creative woman got a job as the Field Museum‘s Curiosity Correspondent. Isn’t that a great job title?

Here’s one where Emily gets a wolf, which she skins in subsequent episodes.

If you sense a Vlog Brothers‘ vibe, Hank Green is a producer.

From My Students

Here are a few short films and YouKu discoveries my students have shared recently.

from Spain

from Pixar


Why is it that now on WordPress any post with a YouTube video starts playing? I liked it much better when a reader had to choose to start one. Now it seems they all begin and there’s a calliope, a total nuisance.

I’ll have to stop including YouTube videos and remove those already posted on the front page.

Midterms & Cheating

I offer the YouTube on cheating as I give my midterm tests today. I tried so hard to make it unnecessary and impossible to cheat. We practiced a lot for the test in class. There are no surprises in terms of tricky questions. It’s all stuff that if you’ve paid attention, you can pass. You might not get a B+, but you’ll pass.

Then before we begin, it’s a big production of seating the students. I know some kids arrange to sit near a classmate so one can look off the other’s test. Well, I randomly assign test seats and don’t allow any belongings other than writing implements with the students. Everything else is at the front of the room.

On top of that there are two versions of the test and the papers are color coded. You have to know that the students with yellow tests probably have different questions than you do.

Let me reiterate, the questions are not surprising and they are on topics like movies and life experience so they aren’t arcane.

Well, two kids smuggled their phones with them. That’s cheating in this class. From law school and just life in general, I’ve learned to make the rules something that’s indisputable. We could go on and on till the cows come home about how, “I wasn’t looking at my phone.” That is hard to substantiate, but whether you’ve got a phone or not is clear. A nice bright line.
I suppose 2 out of 32 students isn’t a bad percentage though.


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