Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 462 : 23 March 2019

Odd poses? Let’s see what I can dig up with that.


Billy Sunday. Library of Congress, 1917

It looks like Billy Sunday, the professional baseball player turned preacher, is doing yoga in a suit in his home.


Ruth St. Denis, NY Public Library, 1923

Of course, a dancer like Ruth St. Denis would strike some dramatic poses like this one for her Burmese dance.


Police dog, State Library of NSW, n.d.

I wonder whom he’s calling? Did they just have phones on poles like this scattered across the region?


State Library of Queensland, circa 1905

My query for “pose” yielded this. Everyone’s so cooperative looking straight into the camera. I’m struck by the kids’ shoes. No velcro there. Also, the boy’s outfit sure shows the era.

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Hot Yoga?

On Monday Tara and I went to a yoga class down the street. Tara, who’s a big yoga practitioner and even does Acro-Yoga, had gone on the first Friday we were here.  Then she said the room was quite hot and the teacher was something of a task master, so I had no interest in a Friday class. However, she’d been told that the Monday teacher spoke better English so I figured I try this Monday.

“Hot” was an understatement. While this wasn’t called “Hot Yoga,” the teacher immediately shut all the windows in the fan-less room with no air conditioning. She was cheerful in her greeting and when we started there were 4 students. Later the class number doubled. In the next room loud rock music blared.

The start was fine, but soon I realized that the cycle of downward dog – cobra – warrior pose would just repeat more or less for an hour. Soon I was drenched in sweat and having no fun at all. I thought of just leaving and after 35 or 40 minutes I just stopped and sat with my legs crossed.

I rejoined the participants at the end for the “relaxation” when the quiet New Age music was drowned out by the rock.