WordPress, I’ve Told You

Once again WordPress has ignored my request not to advertise abortion services on my blog. Thus here are some videos that show the other side of the argument.

How many non-abortion services does PP provide?

Not Again

Once again, WordPress has added a Planned Parenthood ad to my blog. I’ve written to them about this three times already and threatened to leave. I think abortion is a sensitive topic and not the purpose of my blog. I want no part in convincing people to use Planned Parenthood, which plays with language to disemmble. There are no parenthood classes at PP. Call them if you think I’m wrong and in the comments below share the time, date and address for their parenting services.

Planned Parenthood is a shrewd organization who’s aim is profit and they make the most money from abortions.

They should be able to keep functioning through private funding and the fees they charge. Yet the government funds them and uses taxpayers money to do so.

It would be one thing if WordPress also had other groups with alternative messages advertise but they don’t. WordPress could easily allow users to opt out of advertising that conflicts with their beliefs. They promise to do so and then repeatedly break their word.

It’s just shameful. And it’s anti-choice.

I do hope this clear bias will wake people up.

It’s a pity WordPress isn’t neutral. If they wanted to be, they could.

Offensive Ads Continue

Dear Word Press,

Just last week, you promised to remove the ads I find offensive and condemn from my website. Now they’re back.

This is the fourth time I’ve written about this. You continue to post offensive, mature audience ads on my site. Your promises to fix the problem are empty.

Have you no respect for your customers? I should not have to be held hostage and pay more to avoid supporting an organization that I deeply disagree with. Why not put a check box so people can opt in to supporting controversial group that despite its name offers NO support for parents whatsoever?

There are plenty of people who will want those ads. I do not. I had to write you about this last week.

You can do better.

Since WP Advertised for PP on My Site

I just saw that WordPress placed an ad for Planned Parenthood on my site. I’m not a fan of Planned Parenthood and I would prefer a different organization get all this government funding for such services. Planned Parenthood just isn’t straightforward or transparent.

Wait, I’ll change that. I wish the government not fund PP’s primary service, abortion. I probably should speak up more about this. Usually, I’m rather timid on this controversy. I’ve got friends who are on all sides of this issue.

I do wish we’d defund this particular organization. I think we can help women in better ways.

WordPress, you should allow bloggers to filter what services and products they don’t want promoted on their sites.

New Theme

I’m not sure what I think of this new theme, but I did want something with easy to read text and I agreed with people who commented that the light gray font wasn’t.

I miss the whimsical themes WordPress once offered. This is more stark than I like, but I can’t find anything better. So many themes offer gray text, which is a poor choice.

I’ll keep looking, but for now I’m going with the yellow header and white background. Not necessarily representative of my personality, but it will do.

I can’t help but wonder whether a new regime is at the helm of WordPress’ design team.