Bad Luck

My Water Heater

My neighbor across the hall came home yesterday and thought someone had snuck into her apartment because there were mysterious bolts and things on her bathroom floor. Turns out that her water heater, a rather big tank attached to her wall had started to come detached and not in a good Zen-like way. The screws at the top had come out.

Luckily, it didn’t completely fall off and she wasn’t using the shower when it did. Yikes!

Thankfully, our liaison promptly called some repairmen who started to examine and fix it. I was called over to watch at one of the more comical points when they propped up the tank with an old piece of wood.

Last Thursday another member of our team had some misfortune as she fell when exiting a restroom stall. She’d forgotten that there was a step down. In China there often is so be careful here! There’s a lot of places where it’s easy to trip.When she landed she put her hand out, and thus fractured her wrist. She has been to the Shandong Provincial Hospital, a huge facility that reminds me of a train station as there’s so much coming and going.