Derry Girls

I’ve sped through two 6 episode seasons of Derry Girls and loved every minute. Set in Londonderry in the 1990s when Northern Ireland was experiencing the “Troubles” a time of military occupation and bombings by the IRA, Derry Girls focuses on a tight knit group of teenage girls growing up amidst violence. In spite of all this we see Erin Quinn and her friends and family dealing with taking exams, the goody-two shoes at school, mothers, the fragility of a friendship.

Writer Lisa McGee is adept at weaving stories together and taking her audience on a funny and meaningful tour of teenage Ireland. I commend her for the funniest laundry joke I’ve ever seen and for adeptly mixing hilarity and pathos. She protects no sacred cows. Now there is a lot of swearing, so you’ve been warned.

Each actor superb and as an ensemble they produce delight from start to finish. There is no weak link in this cast.

I can’t wait for Season 4.

Derry Girls is available on Netflix and

Quelle horreur! More Computer Problems

Something dreadful happened on Thursday morning. I was starting a lesson for my online Internet Writing Class when Safari froze. That happens. I tried to force quit the program and couldn’t. I turned off the computer and tried to reboot. Quelle horreur! I don’t see my usual screen.

Rather I got a clicking noise and see a folder with a question mark on it. I tried again and got the same result.

A search on Yahoo! led me to some bulletin boards which suggest that probably my hard drive’s dead. Yikes!

Apple Store Trip #1

I made an appointment at the Apple Store and feared the worst. I don’t want to buy a new computer yet. This one’s isn’t even 4 years old. Yes, there are enticing new computers out there, but I think a computer should last 5 or 6 years. Besides I think I’ve had enough computer woes for at least a year.

I go to the Apple Store and they’re busy. They are efficient and there’s the usual fun buzz of the Apple store with its cool products and geeky, hippy-ish staff.

They check me in, I wait awhile. A clerk checks on me and assures me I’m next. Then he asks me what’s wrong. I explain and he agrees it’s probably my hard drive. He suggests some third party who can retrieve the data–for say $500. I stagger out of the store, my head swirling. Are the missing files worth that? What have I lost altogether?

Then he says I can replace the hard drive. I am tempted to just start over. Bite the bullet and buy myself a new computer for my birthday and Christmas. Still a little voice in my head says, “It’s only been 4 years–not quite.”

On Facebook, I saw someone added that she had the same problem and it wasn’t the hard drive. She had to get a new logic board. Hmm. Hope?

So yesterday I called Apple. After getting transferred around, I got a helpful techie. He says he had the same problem. Whether that’s true or not, that’s a great thing to hear a customer service person say. He had me start up my computer to check on one possible problem. We learned nothing from that so he apologized as he suggested I go back to Apple’s store and have someone diagnose the problem so that I could see what my options are.

He set up an appointment for this morning.

Apple Store Trip #2

Back I went hopeful. I waited awhile and then spoke with a genius bar guy. He connected my computer to a diagnostic hard drive and we soon saw that yes, my hard drive is gone.

I’m thinking I will just replace it and get a new computer in a couple years. I’m rather proud of my ability to resist that temptation to just buy a new one. Shocked really. I usually don’t have great sales resistance in this realm.