The Suspect

suspectWhen two high school graduates, Alex and Rosie head to Thailand for a gap year, they’re looking for fun, for escape from the pressures their suburban parents put on them. Yet they land in a seedy guesthouse. The girls go missing and British journalist Kate Waters is assigned to get the scoop on what happened.

Kate’s your average intrepid reporter and is gung ho about getting the story right and first. She’s married with two sons, one of whom dropped out of university and went off to Thailand to save the turtles. When the two teens disappeared, Kate volunteers to do the reporting hoping to make a side trip to the Thai island where her son is volunteering.

Alex and Rosie are found dead in the cold storage of a sleazy guest house. Kate’s world is further rocked when it turns out her son isn’t volunteering and never did. He’s implicated in the girls’ murders. He’s been floating around Bangkok doing drugs and working at the same guest house where these girls stayed.

While this was a quick read and I enjoy stories set in locales the world over, The Suspect’s characters didn’t appeal to me. Alex was rather whiny and should have parted ways with her travel companion early on. Kate’s son was a wimp and a waster, who was good at manipulating his mother. Mama, who owned the guest house was the stereotypical “Me speak English good” dodgy foreigner.

I pity anyone who hasn’t been to Thailand who reads this book. In my book club today a few people fell into that group and they were repelled by the idea of going there. Thailand has its seedy side like many countries, but that’s not all there is.

Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

I’d tell you it’s been a quiet week, but busy. I spent a lot of time gathering data from a national website on libraries to refute the inaccurate information the director at my hometown library has used to defend her performance. It took hours to pull specific towns from all the libraries in the state. At one point I accidentally lost a chart and at the last minute had to recreate it. I hate rushing, but the work got one and it was well received.

I started another online class through the University of the People. I’d signed up for Algebra and Economics, but dropped Algebra as soon as I read the textbook. With U of the People because it’s tuition free there’s no lecture from the teacher it’s all textbook and this book was written as poorly as I remember my high school text was. I will stick with Economics as it’s a general overview and while it’s not my strong suit, I realize how understanding the economy better is useful.

I went to a book club discussion of Lucretius’ The Nature of Things, which I first read while studying classics. We got a good number of people, several new ones. The Nature of Things is a poem about science and ethics. We just read the first 2 parts. It’s amazing how Lucretius figured out things that modern scientists have supported.

Wednesday I plan to attend another book club on Fiona Barton’s The Suspect. It’s mainly set in Thailand where two British girls are found dead in a fire. The heroine is a journalist whose estranged son is off finding himself and saving turtles in Phuket, Thailand . . . or so she thinks. I’m not sure how much I like the story yet.