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This week’s prompt inspired me to look for images of strange inventions. I happen to be rewind a book called TheWonderful Future that Never Was, which is full of cool, quirky devices. (I’ll review that book, when I finish it.)

These wacky inventions do have purpose and whimsy, but when they were first made, I assume the inventor was serious.


Source: Nationaal Archief at the Hague


Popular Science Monthly (via Internet Archive)

I guess roller blades won out.


Radio hat, Nationaal Archief


Rubber Boat Boots from National Archief



I had a weird experience in class on Friday. As I was teaching, a young woman with big pink glasses walked into my class. She told me she needed a native speaker to review a speech she was writing. I asked her who she was and she replied, “Daphne” and mentioned that she wasn’t a student here.


I said I had no time at all that day.

She then asked if I’d refer her to another teacher. I said that since she wasn’t a student here, she’d have to pay and that I thought most teachers would expect at least $50 a hour.

She got real huffy and indignant. “What kind of teacher are you?!”

Rather than define “professional” for her, I asked her to leave reminding her that the 30 students gawking at her were in fact in the middle of a lesson for which they had paid. She didn’t want to budge. I told her I’d call security and she left sputtering and insulting me.

So are all Chinese students shy? Of course not, though few have this audacity.

I now won’t leave my door open no matter how hot the room gets.