Condoleezza Rice takes on all the major issues of our day. It’s a fascinating interview which takes a long view.

Sepia Saturday

Tennis Players (1920s) Unknown Subjects and Location

This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share images from way back when inspired by the photo above. So this week I’ve found some photos of tennis players.


State Library of New South Wales, 1899

Hales Family Tennis Party


Library of Congress, circa 1920

Actress Priscilla Dean ready for tennis.


Library of Congress, circa 1925

Kumagae and Johnson (Flickr Commons had no information on Mr. Johnson, hence no link.)

How would you like to play tennis in the outfits worn in the first two

A Little Strange

Friday was the annual Sports Day here on campus. What was weird is that all the other years I’ve been here the university was intent on making sure all the International Teachers participated in the opening ceremony. This year we were invited to the event at 9:30am, after the opening ceremony had concluded.

What’s wrong?

Was our marching that bad?

Sepia Saturday


Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I like the intent look of some of these cyclists.

Running ain't always easy or fun

Running ain’t always easy or fun

I’m sure when I run it looks very much like this. The only difference would be that I have modern athletic wear. That’s why I refrain. I don’t call it fun and never have.

Team spirit: NY women's baseball team

Team spirit: NY women’s baseball team

A women’s baseball team from the WWII era.

Sepia Saturday


Today’s prompt is this fine gentleman on skis and aren’t winter sports fun to view. (Some folks like to expose themselves to the cold, but I’m not one of them.)

I found some delightful photos on Flickr Commons. Here are a few:

Ski Jumper

Ski Jumper

US Hockey Team (1910?)

US Hockey Team (1910?)

They look like they could play cricket or tennis in these white uniforms.


Skijoring (1930s)


Skijoring is a centuries’ old sport of horses pulling skiers behind them. I wonder if this could make it into the Olympics.

There are dozens of good photos you can view if you visit Sepia Saturday. I’ve enjoyed several, but many folks are on Blogspot and I can’t be bothered to set up an account to comment. Suffice it to say, they’re wonderful.

Sports Day


For the first time the university sports day was mandatory for teachers. The pain of having to be up and ready by 7:20 am so we could wait in the cold was eased by new flashy, cool jackets.


Mind you it’s cold and they’re in cotton shirts

In the past, this was a chance to travel without being part of a holiday hordes. Some colleagues did go out of town this afternoon, but I’m going to the International Kite Festival an hour or so away from here in Weifang so I stayed put.

Spiffy Jacket

Spiffy Jacket

April is the cruelest month and today it was about 40 degrees. Shortly after my marching duties in the Sports Day, I went back to my apartment and got my parka. The spiffy new jacket’s really designed for the low60s and some rain.

Sepia Saturday

Let me think . . . boots, sports shoes . . . I’ve got it. She really has athletic footwear, doesn’t she?

You can find more Sepia Saturday interpretations linked here.


Mea culpa: I downloaded this photo yesterday and didn’t have a chance to upload it. I found it on Flickr, but I can’t remember the archives that offered it. I have a feeling she’s from New Zealand, but it could be Ireland or Australia.

Sepia Saturday

This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt featured Dinah Shore and Burt Bacharach playing tennis, my favorite summer sport. It’s inspired me to search the archives of Flickr where I found the photo below of two Australian women women and a Japanese naval officer in tennis attire. Not sure if they’re about to play or finished. The photo captures the ease and elegance of tennis in that era.

I love the women’s tennis attire

Source: Australian National Maritime Museum, which provides this background information:

Members of the Imperial Japanese Naval Squadron visited Australia in January 1924 as part of a training cruise. The squadron consisted of the IWATE, ASAMA and YAKUMO. Nearly 2,500 men of which 300 were midshipmen spent time in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth during their tour. Two unidentified women are shown here at Victoria Barracks in Paddington, Sydney. The event was a tennis party, held on the morning of 26 January for the foreign visitors which included Admiral Saito.