A Picnic in Japan

I’m traveling to Indonesia now and just watched this good Simon and Martina video. It’s 3:40 am in Jakarta on Tuesday. I left home at 10:30 am on Sunday and have one more flight to go so I’m too exhausted to write much, but once I’m caught up on sleep, expect some movie and a hotel reviews.

For now, learn about some interesting foods available in Japan and perhaps get some marriage tips.


Simon and Martina, with the help of the very-talented Dan, have made an outstanding video about a chef in Tokyo, who has an incredible respect and interest in local ingredients and regional cultures.

I’d love to know how they got to join him in Ehime. Just start watching and see what you think. Would you want to try dinner at Sugalabo? I wonder how much that costs.

Halloween in Japan

Watch this to see what’s on offer in Japan for Halloween. They’ve really taken to this Western holiday, which has certainly gained steam in the U.S. As usual, Simon and Martina make life in Japan look so delightful and fun. Hat’s off to these intrepid foodies. I wouldn’t touch that burger, though I’d be curious about the ice cream.

I’m not a bar person, but this place seems more like a restaurant. In fact most Japanese pubs, called izukayas, are more friendly and offer more food so they aren’t about getting drunk and loud.

A costume parade in Tokyo from last year. I wonder if Simon and Martina will go this year.

I’ll share a bit of what I’ve seen of Halloween in China.


I had hoped to visit Taiwan this October since we have a week off, but because of the visa delay, and the further need to enjoy the Immigration services on offer in China where it takes about 4 months to get your visa done. Immigration has our passports for three weeks! So I’m not going to Taiwan, but can experience it on YouTube through Simon and Martina’s eyes and palettes.

I wonder what my friend Debbie, who’s from Taiwan thinks of this.