I’d Vote for Him for Governor

This mayor of an Illinois town makes a lot more sense than the current governor, J.B. Pritzker.

My Letter to the CEO of AT&T

Randall L. Stephenson
175 E. Houston
San Antonio, TX 78705

Dear Mr. Stephenson,

I have just finished the sixth call to your customer “service” department. We have not had reliable TV service since Tuesday, August 28th. The earliest this will be fixed is September 8th, which is unacceptable. Because the pictures become pixelated and freeze, there’s no point in beginning to watch a program because before the hour’s up, it’s sure to freeze so you miss the end of it.

We have wasted hours waiting to talk with your representatives. That’s unacceptable given the high prices you charge. (As you should know in France people pay €40/month for landline, two cell phones, TV and internet. Why on earth do Americans pay $175 or more?) Today, I checked on the service call. I thought we’d get our TV service fixed by Tuesday. No, we must wait until the 8th. After talking to a customer “service” clerk I was transferred to a technician and given the hope that she could get someone to come out sooner. It seems reasonable because why should consumers in the First World wait more than those in the Third. (I never had such a long wait for cable set up in Indonesia when I lived there.)

After having to repeat all my information to yet another person, this woman whose name I believe was Rosie (whomever I spoke with from my phone 847-412-1066 at approximately 6:30pm on Sept. 1) told me that I’d have to wait till next Saturday. Why on earth did I have to waste 15 minutes with her? I controlled my temper and while I used a direct, serious tone, I did not swear or yell when I asked her why anyone should remain an AT&T customer and not switch to a competitor. Then Rosie had the audacity to hang up on me.

I’ve had to work in customer service and I know that sometimes a clerk’s hands are tied, but that does not give a clerk a reason to hang up on a paying customer. It’s her job to help people with problems.

  • Why should we continue to pay you for slow and unreliable service?
  • Why don’t you hire more technicians so your customers don’t have to wait 10 days to get service restored?
  • Why don’t you train your customer service staff to communicate professionally and solve problems?
  • Why don’t you authorize overtime during times of great need?
  • Are you satisfied with this level of service? Would you stick with a company that’s treated you with disrespect?

I look forward to your response.



I hope I get a response. I’ll let you know. I feel like the telecommunications companies have no incentive to provide good service. They know the other company isn’t much better so you might switch back and forth but when you’re fed up with the other company and have forgotten how dreadful the first was, you’ll be back.

I realize TV isn’t a necessity, but when you pay for service, you should get it.