Ready for Another Week of Homeschooling?

I’ve been fascinated by homeschooling for years, though I don’t have children and can’t therefore homeschool. Now all parents with kids from kindergarten through high school must homeschool. Many of these parents also have to do their own work and with lockdowns, I don’t think you’re supposed to have a nanny come by.

Actress Mayim Bialik has homeschooled her children for years and offers wise perspective.

If you had a crazy, tough week last week, that doesn’t have to be the case this week.

Photo Workshop

Reflection and Distortion

Under Cloud Gate


Prairie & City

Spitting Fountain?

I used a Groupon from Digital Photo Academy. Our instructor, a Chicago Tribune street photographer, was pretty good offering simple tips like suggesting we shoot from the hip, shoot from very low or very high, forget the rule of three, overexpose now and then for cool effect. Composition was the focus (excuse the pun) though we got some technical tips too.

The photos I took where I broke the usual rules weren’t that good. I will try them more though. The beauty of digital is that it costs nothing to goof around.

We started at The Cloud Gate, a.k.a “The Bean” and then went to the law by the Pritzger Pavilion where the city offers free yoga, pilates and zoomba lessons on Saturdays in the summer from 9 to noon.

We explored parts of the park I don’t frequent like the zig zagging bridge and the Lurie Garden with its wild prairie flora. We took some photos by the bridge by the Art Institute and continued to the very cool Crown Fountain.

The instructor did lose some of us three times so I’d say that part of his teaching needs work. It did get rather hot towards the end. If they offer this class in the fall, that’s the time to take it.

Millenium Park is fabulous in the summer though. It’s everything a modern park should be – a place to play, eat, drink, unwind, cool off, relax, renew and of course, people watch.