Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the water color program I went to at the library on Tuesday. We followed the teacher step by step to create a small water color painting of two spring blossoming trees. We learned about a couple techniques of water colors and painted to Mozart. The teacher was super well organized and down to earth. Sometimes her classes are free style but this wasn’t but that was fine with me. She planned and paced the course so well and everyone left with a decent spring painting with matted with the color paper of their choice.

On Tuesday I went to a brunch to honor volunteers at my local library. The event was catered and there was something for everyone. I got to meet other volunteers whom I rarely see and met a few library staff members for the first time. Lots of good conversation and at the end we were given a small box of fine chocolates and a $20 gift certificate for a local restaurant.

On Friday I went to a conference for library staff. It was a fairly small affair with an array of small presentations. I saw some on Readers’ Advisory, i.e. how to interview patrons and figure out what sort of books they’d enjoy and some on makerspaces. The makerspace presentations were actually best for libraries that don’t have makerspaces. The information was very basic. One highlight was a session on motivation by the director of the LaCrosse Public Library. She knows how to give a speech as she was upbeat and had great body language. She structured her speech well and had ideas you could immediately put into practice if you were a manager at a library.

Yesterday I attended my nephew’s confirmation. His church is rather small, but the level of community engagement was high. I liked that people knew each other and were truly connected. There were 5 young people confirmed and one was also baptized. They prepared for years and the pastor and youth pastor seemed to know each person well.

How was your week?


On Twitter & Paper.li

I confess I’ve thought Twitter a rather silly, superficial medium. I didn’t use it much and I didn’t like the idea of strangers following me. We’re trained not to like Stranger Danger.

Then I soon got that I could use Twitter to communicate with my government representatives. They were following me and I was following them. A tweet’s easier than an email or letter when I can be succinct. So another use was found. During political debates I found I liked tweeting and reading tweets.

Then Downton Abbey came ’round and during season 2, I got in the habit of tweeting and reading tweets, which made watching more communal without annoying people in the living room who don’t like to chat.

I’m taking a class in Social Media for Information Professionals and interviewed a very in-the-know librarian. She convinced me to see Twitter as a great way to keep up on my profession or my interests. Now I don’t see it as social as in maintaining friendships at all. I use it to share useful information with others in my field. It’s an online cocktail party. So it shouldn’t be used just to broadcast or hunt for a job, but rather to share and connect with new people. Now I’ve signed up with more library and EFL professionals and I’ve used paper.li to organize the best of my daily tweets into what amounts to an online personal newspaper. I can look at my paper.li and in minutes see what I need to look into and what’s unnecessary.

I also recommend reading the Tao of Twitter for more insight into how to make Twitter worthwhile. It’s a quick read and after going through half the book and implementing some of the ideas, I’ve gotten a lot more followers.