Sepia Saturday

Three Girls Taking Tea : SEpia Saturday 526

Every week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share images based on a photo. This week we’re challenged to find photos inspired by this photo of three women who seem to be having tea or a picnic on a nice summer day.

I went over to Flickr Commons, which features archived images from all over the world and chose these photos.

picnic sweden c

Seurat could have made a great painting of these folks.

mennonite 2_o

Source: Mennonite Church USA, n.d.

It looks like the 1940s or 50s. This family was in Argentina. Perhaps they were missionaries.

provincial archives alberta picnic_c

Source: Provincial Archives of Alberta , 1943

A family having a roadside picnic.

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Sepia Saturday


As summer winds down, now is the perfect time for picnics. Here are a couple examples that caught my eye on Flickr commons.

I think Renoir could have painted these women well

I think Renoir could have painted these women well, 1909

farm picnic

Farmyard picnic in Wales, 1954

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