Levels of Mac & Cheese

I’d like to try them all.

Bon Appetit, Jinan

NOTE: This restaurant’s management has changed and it’s gone to the dogs. Read my more recent review.

Last Friday was Sports Day. Usually, I love to take the day off and travel since it’s the only long weekend that isn’t a national holiday and thus there’s a chance that you won’t be with throngs of people. But we got so many polite invitations to participate in the shot put and various races that it seemed wrong to leave town.

I couldn’t bring myself to go to the event though. I’m just not into sports that much and I figure the kids don’t need us there, they are having their own fun.

So I went to Starbucks where I met the owner of Bon Appetit, a new Italian restaurant in the Lushang Shopping Center across from the older stadium. The chef/owner recognized me as did his son. We got a complementary size pizza as an appetizer. I split a thin crust vegetable pizza and my two other friends enjoyed pasta and salad. The portions were satisfying and the service attentive without being annoying. I was impressed by the good English most of the staff spoke. The prices were high for Jinan, but that’s to be expected for imported food and Bon Appetit imports the cheese, flour, etc from Naples. So if you split a pizza expect to pay 70 rmb and pasta and salad will be about 80-95 rmb. By U.S. standards that’s a bargain. The problem is we soon get used to Jinan prices and a Chinese meal in our neighborhood rarely costs more that 20 rmb.