What’s Going on in China?

Regarding the origins of the COVID-19, Laowhy 86, whose documentaries on China I’ve watched for years, shows how he discovered how the virus came about. He doesn’t say that it’s some sort of deliberate bioterrorism, but it does seems to be a major SNAFU.

Words of the Week

From Downton Abbey, a word I will be using:


[hob-uh l-dee-hoi]  noun  –  an awkward, ungainly youth.

1530-40;  variant of hoberdyhoy,  alliterative compound, equivalent tohoberd  (variant of Roberd  Robert) + -y + hoy  for boy ( b  > h  foralliteration; see hob)

From my readings this week:



adjective – denoting speech used to express or create an atmosphere of shared feelings, goodwill, or sociability rather than to impart information: phatic communion.

1923;  probably < Greek phat ( ós ) spoken, capable of being spoken(verbid of phánai  to speak; cf. prophet) + -ic; coined (in phrase phatic communion ) by Bronislaw Malinowski