Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 522  30 May 2020

This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers find photos with a gardening theme. I’m not a gardener and can’t think of any one in my family who has been.

Yet I admire gardeners and love visiting gardens. I can’t wait till the Chicago Botanic Garden reopens. Here’s what I found to share.

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gardens monte carloc

Source: SMU Digital Library, Flickr Commons

Gardens, Monte Carlo, 1922


OSU Grden 1910

Source: OSU on Flickr Commons

Garden, 1910


rose garden 1953

Source: State Library of Queensland

Rose Garden, 1953


A Sundance film, Boy tells the story of the kid whose name is Boy. Set in New Zealand, Boy’s grandmother has to leave town to attend a funeral and leaves Boy, age 12 or so, in charge of his brother and 4 cousins. Its plot is like The Cat in the Hat. Once the grandma’s gone, things go out of hand. At first just a little bit as Boy makes weird dinners for his charges.

Soon his father, who’s just gotten out of jail. Boy idolizes his dad, who’s promised to take him to see Michael Jackson and who impresses him with his fantastic stories.

The story has lots of charm and delights with special effects and child-like animation. I enjoyed all the Kiwi characters and getting glimpse into a slice of New Zealand. The ending wasn’t particularly strong, but all in all, Boy is a fun film with lots of heart and a touch of sadness.

Sepia Saturday

This week’s prompt urges Sepia Saturday bloggers to find and post images of old advertisements (or those with horses or carriages). I can’t resist the charms of vintage ads.

If you need a cheap suit

If you need a cheap suit


tied for my favorite

tied for my favorite

my other favorite

my other favorite