Happy 2020, Japanese-style


I loved sending and receiving these New Years cards in Japan. Everyone sends them and the post office saves them all and delivers everyone’s cards on January 1.

Nengajo, 2019


As I explained last year, the Japanese send New Year’s cards rather than Christmas cards this time of year. Since 2019 is the year of the Pig, many cards feature cute piggies on them.



2018 was the Year of the Dog


A family enjoying a hot spring soak



In Japan they don’t send Christmas cards, they send New Year’s cards called nengajo. On January 1st the Japanese postal employees deliver all your cards to your house. They’ve saved each posted card for each address and work this holiday to deliver everyone’s cards.

This year is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese system. Japan celebrates New Years according to the Western calendar so January 1 is their New Year’s Day too.

I thought I’d send you my wishes with this cute nengajo.

Note: In the drawing above the dog’s head is made with an “i” and the body’s made with a “nu” in hiragana, which is one of the Japanese writing systems. Dog in Japanese is inu.