Yesterday when I pressed submit, I finished my library course on technology. I got a lot out of it and enjoyed the lessons and readings, but it still feels good to be done, to have one less item (or three or four really) off my weekly to-do list. I’m celebrating by doing some pleasure reading this weekend.

I’ve resumed Emile Zola’s The Killing, which continues the saga of the Rougon-Marquart clan as they descend on 19th century Paris, a city of corruption and excess.

Of course, I’m also grading homework, preparing quizzes and preparing for the end of my semester in China, which alas won’t end till Dec. 30th.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Not sure this is that abstract

Not sure this is that abstract

This week  bloggers are challenged to post photos that embody the term:  Abstract.

Some good photos:

This May Be Challenging

I’ve got two more projects to complete for my Government Documents class. One is a brief presentation on World News Connection, which is a translation service. The US government translates hundreds of local newspapers from all over the world into English. The British do this too. Only subscribers have access so that would mean you’d need to be affiliated with a company or university that subscribes.

The trouble is the agency that oversees this is . . .

The CIA.

So, yes, I anticipate internet problems this week.

My other project is a paper on Presidential Libraries and Open Government. The PRC isn’t signed on for Open Government. So if I’m getting tracked, I may have trouble.