On International Women’s Day

Three Legged Race

So what do they really want?

I just finished watching the morning news on China’s equivalent of CCN , CCTV’s English channel. They showed stories from around Asia on how women were celebrated for International Women’s Day. Bravo to the articulate Pakastani woman who commented on how a “day” for woman was rather silly and her group was working towards 365 (366) days of rights for women domestically and in the public sphere. Then I saw a piece on a program in Jakarta which transports expressed breast milk from working mothers back to their babies’ caregivers.

So what did we do here to celebrate or honor women?

A week ago an email went out asking us women if we wanted to participate in a three-legged race and some other picnic-type games. I passes as these just aren’t my thing even on a sunny balmy day. Also, while I can see this as a fun thing, I just can’t understand how the races honor women. I tried, but I can’t.  It’s not like Chinese women have complete equality so they can sit back and revel in games.

Yesterday’s news reported that in Western China after the revolution women’s wages were 73% more or less compared to men. Now they’re 56%. Talk about a backslide.

Crossover had a program showing the gains women have made since the founding of the PRC. Now, for example, 90% of girls receive at least an elementary school eduction.

Currently according to the 21% of China’s legislative body members are women and they are working towards getting that up to the 30% UN goal. What about the US on that score?



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