China & the Lewis Turning Point

According to the Financial Times, China’s boom has peaked and opportunities are drying up. This short video is well made and includes interesting interviews with Chinese factory workers who’re heading home or contemplating such a move and with a Vietnamese worker who went to China. I had no idea that Chinese factories were bringing in illegal workers from Vietnam.



Based on a novel, Brooklyn tells the story of an Irish woman, Eilis, who leaves the Emerald Isle where there are no jobs or eligible young men, to make a life in Brooklyn. While fitting in isn’t easy, she does find a boyfriend and succeed in bookkeeping at night school so that she puts down roots. She soon marries her Italian boyfriend in secret.

Life takes a turn when her sister suddenly dies. Eilis returns to Ireland to help her mother who’s all alone. It’s intended to be a short trip, but then Eilis decides to stay for her good friend’s wedding and then someone finds her a temporary accounting job that she excels at and then she meets terrific young man. It seems that Eilis has found the life she always wanted in Ireland.


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Is Everyone Leaving?

Yesterday I had lunch with a Chinese friend, who surprised me by saying she and her husband are thinking, seriously thinking of emigrating to Canada. Her sister-in-law is, because the sister-in-law’s sister-in-law is sponsoring them. I don’t blame you if that’s hard to follow.

In Guangzhou all my students were planning to leave as soon as they could and from talking to the parents it seemed that the plan was to establish a child overseas who could later sponsor the parents.

Yesterday my friend voiced concerns about being lonely in Canada and as best as I could figure that would entirely depend on the person, on how outgoing or open one is to friendship. She intimated some worries about prejudice, but really my best guess is that it would be easier for her in Canada than it is for me in China since she knows English. And I’m faring well enough.

Still I was surprised that these people who’ve weathered tougher times and now are reaping the benefits of a good economy are considering leaving. I’ve been to my friend’s condo and it’s quite nice and she owns another apartment as investment property.

The Wall St. Journal had a video about Chinese millionaires contemplating a move overseas. As I watched I thought, the featured millionaire’s wealth would go farther in China and why not just move to a nicer part of China, maybe Xiamen, which is like Hawai’i? I also wondered how well the writer knew America since his observations seemed rather superficial and he’d only visited the U.S. once on a cross-country trip. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but I’d hate to see a brain drain here.