What I Learned Today

Have you ever accidentally used a permanent marker on a white board?

I have and I did today.

However, I learned how to remove it. All you have to do is to to write with a Dry Erase marker on top of the permanent marker and erase.

How to Cut a Cake – The Right Way

Something I was reading last night got me wondering about birthday cakes. Why do we put candles on them and blow them out?

A quick search provided the answer. Some think the cakes started in Ancient Greece and that the candles were like the candles for a sacrifice to the gods. The ancients believed that the smoke would bring their prayers up to the gods. Another explanation, that doesn’t conflict with the first is that the Germans started this tradition. Specifically, Count Ludwig Von Zinzindorf had a birthday party with a gigantic cake with candles on it.

As part of the results to my search, I got an intriguing video about the proper way to cut a (birthday) cake so it stays fresh. It’s ingenious. Take a look.


Kerley, D. (2014). “Why Do We Blow Out Candles on a Birthday Cake?” Retrieved from Mental Floss at http://mentalfloss.com/article/54069/why-do-we-blow-out-candles-birthday-cakes on June 5, 2019.

Mastering Debate

A fan of Charisma on Command, I thought I’d share this video on debate skills. Like him or hate him, Ben Shapiro is a debating hot shot and worthy of study. Whether you plan to join the debate team at school or just want better techniques for dinner table debates, this video will help you up your game.

Tale of an Accidental Repairwoman

Yesterday, while I was cleaning the lint catcher, something fell down the lint chute.  I couldn’t see it or reach down the chute.  I didn’t even know what fell in, but after one attempt, I could see that the machine wasn’t going to work anymore.

I tried using a tool we have that’s made of wire and can pinch and pick up objects. Since I couldn’t see what or where the item was, this didn’t work. I really didn’t want to pay our handyman to fix this.

Today I went on YouTube, glorious YouTube and found that I’m not the only klutz to make this mistake. I watched the video above and saw that I could fix this myself. I love the esteem boost I get from such challenges so I went to the hardware store to get the tools suggested in the video below, (the video moved too fast for me to follow).

Turned out the socket wrench didn’t work so I went to Lowes, because the hardware store’s customer service was so slow. There the helpful associate helped me select the specific screwdriver needed ($4.97 plus tax). Once I got home I started to work. It didn’t just take 10 minutes, but it wasn’t hard to do. I did struggle with repositioning the outer chute, but after two trips to nearby stores, and about a half hour of working on the machine, our dryer’s back in working order. Total price $5.45. I think I’m stuck with the other tools, but they weren’t that expensive and I can either keep them or sell them on eBay.

Fix it cost: $5.45

Self-Esteem boost: priceless

Better Get Wrapping

I admire how the Japanese wrap gifts. It’s a bit more graceful than the way I was taught. The video above shows their technique though she doesn’t tell us that. She’s also got more tips that make a lot of sense. I’m going to test out her make your own gift bag one.

This one from HGTV Canada has a neat idea for creating a pocket when wrapping. You can stick a card inside. It also repeats the DIY gift bag idea with a slight variation.

Problem Solved: Wine Bottles

Has this happened to you? You try to open a bottle of wine and something goes wrong. The corkscrew goes in crooked or the cork gets fragmented and try as you might the cork stays stuck.

I had this problem yesterday and I turned to YouTube for some wisdom. The video above is helpful.