To Census Takers

As we begin the Labor Day Weekend, I want to honor Census Takers out in the field. They work hard getting mainly uncooperative people to do the Census. There’s a lot of walking and often the sun is hot so they’re roasting. For lots of reasons from forgetfulness to cranky obstinacy to fear of the government, people haven’t done their Census in the US. These folks see the importance of this data and have signed up to face lots of rejection to see that this project is completed as best as it can be.

A tough customer

Census Response Representatives are out in the community at grocery stores, food pantries, farmers’ markets, concerts, train stations, etc. They’re asking people to do the Census and few people, who haven’t done it yet, agree to. Some are nice about their choice and others are rude or mean. Nonetheless these Census workers keep smiling and asking people to complete the questionnaire.

These folks are unsung heroes. Working outside, sometimes in the rain, often without restrooms nearby with little support from the office.

Yesterday the Census sent out an email thanking essential workers for all they’ve done. For some reason they left out their own Census Takers from the list. Just an oversight and we all make them, but boy do these folks deserve some praise.

So God Made a Farmer

A beautiful tribute to farmers. Their work now takes a lot of sophisticated knowledge and hard work, Mr. Bloomberg. Paul Harvey appreciated the hard work and smarts needed to do farming right.

Oversimplifying others’ hard work is not the way to win.

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Veterans, We Thank You

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 4.54.17 PM

At church today, we had a special closing prayer for veterans. I am something of a pacifist, but realize we need a military. I was chagrined that only one veteran was at mass.

Now it’s not a huge congregation. But one reason the number was tiny was that few people in my neck of the woods served.

World Trade Center (WTC) Memorial


I got to go to Ground Zero, the World Trade Center’s Memorial area. It’s an impressive site that honors all those who lost their lives including the first responders. WE approached from the south end and walked all around it.








Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

The former King of Cambodia

The new King of Cambodia (center), his father on the side

In Zhujiayu, China

In Zhujiayu, China

In New Mexico

In New Mexico

Jizu at a temple in Nara, Japan

Jizu at a temple in Nara, Japan

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