Highlights from the RNC

A video by a woman who served as a surgeon for the US Army before becoming a nun.

Almost a million babies are killed each year in the US.

The President talks to 6 of the 150+ hostages whose release he negotiated

Pastor Brounson was in the news quite a bit, but all these people’s stories are gripping.

Frontline COVID Workers

I really loved the segments with the President.

Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how you did during week 9 of the Lockdown. April dragged along and May seems the same. I wrote that last week but it seems we’re just going round and round. People are losing patience.

I can’t believe last week was Mother’s Day. That seems ages ago.


I’d been engrossed in Paul Johnson’s Heroes, which I got via Hoopla, one of my library’s ebook services. One thing I don’t like about these services is there’s no way to renew. You’ve got three weeks and poof! they take back the book. So it’s a longish book and I’m busy so I needed to pick up the pace. Well, Wednesday, though the book’s still checked out to me, when I open it, all I get is a white page, which can’t be flipped. I try repeatedly, then i clear my cache, turn off the device and try again. Same problem. Then I uninstall and reinstall Hoopla. No change. I email Hoopla for help and I still haven’t heard anything. I’ve tried repeatedly to fix this, but all I see is white. I’m not big on ebooks to begin with so I’m even less impressed. I’ll have to buy this book.

(I did check Libby/Overdrive and they don’t have Heroes.)

Last night ESPN showed the final two episodes of The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. All I can say is “Wow.” Watching the final episodes of this four star documentary was practically a religious experience. So much drama and heart.

Illinois is still locked up tight. The mayor has the lakefront all locked up. It’s a wonderful place to go for a walk, run or bike ride and getting some fresh air, sun and exercise are terrific for general health. I sent the Chicago Tribune a letter to the editor in March suggesting that the City open up this public space and hire life guards to insure adequate behavior like physical distancing. It wasn’t published.

A couple Chicago churches dared to hold services while practicing physical distancing and the mayor threw up last minute Tow-Zone signs in the vicinity of these churches. Then she had all the cars towed. So residents including the elderly and healthcare workers got their cars towed. It could be that churchgoers came by public transit. So this overreach has punished the innocent. What recourse do they have? It’s costly to sue the city to recoup the expense of getting one’s car back. There are more positive ways to modify behavior.

Our governor is very strict on lockdown, yet his family is staying in their equestrian estate in Wisconsin, a state that opened up on Friday, after 7 weeks in Florida in that mansion. It’s horrible that he doesn’t have his family stay in Illinois in one of their residences.

The week at work was quite stressful. More on that later. Suffice it to say our managers are very anxious and they haven’t explained why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Weekend Coffee Share

wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely  catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how you did during week 8 of the Lockdown. April dragged along and May seems the same.

For Mother’s Day we celebrated with a nice at home breakfast and then both of my brothers stopped by at separate times with their families. It was nice to see people.

Later we had a nice dinner and watched — you guessed it — The Last Dance. This week really added to MJ’s reputation as an intensely competitive guy. I was rather surprised that he hit Steve Kerr in the eye during a practice. Kerr was new to the team and MJ was testing him, guarding him with all his fury. When Kerr felt he had too much, he hit MJ in the chest and MJ responded by hitting him in the eye. In time Jordan realized how wrong that was and apologized and they made amends. The night also spent time on the tragic murder of Michael’s father and Scottie Pippen’s rivalry with Tony Kukoč. Boy, was Kukoč treated to a tough welcome. Nonetheless, the show does highlight respect and team spirit as well as excellent athleticism.

Now for work we can only recruit via Social Media. It’s a major restriction as we can’t email community groups to recruit. We had been trying to get churches, civic organizations and employers, who’ve had to let people go, to spread the word about our jobs. That’s forbidden now. Go figure.

I’ve watched a lot of house remodeling shows — Home Town, Property Brothers and Flipping 101. They’re all based on a formula and many series create Today I saw a show called Texas Flip and Move and was surprised that people will buy a house at auction and then pay to get it moved to where they want to live. It’s a guilty pleasure that I usually indulge in while eating lunch. Pretty soon, I should be able to lay tile or inspect for termites. 😉


I’m thoroughly enjoying Paul Johnson’s collection of biographies called Heroes. So far I’ve learned about Samson, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, George Washington and Lord Nelson. Johnson’s writing style is precise and he weaves in his opinions and context. For example, I didn’t realize that George Washington was six years older than George III and that they both loved farming. Washington kept all his papers. All and so there’s more documentation of his life than of most Presidents.

I suppose the highlight of last week was venturing out to a different neighborhood for a daily walk. Our town’s engaging in a campaign to encourage people to put teddy bears in their windows or around their front doors for passerby’s to spot. The idea is based on the story Going on a Bear Hunt.


Our Bear