Stout Ice Cream?

haagen dazs spirits stout chocolate pretzel crunch ice cream pint

I thought it would be fun to try a new ice cream flavor last night. I started a quest for Graeter’s limited edition key lime pie. First I went to the local Graeter’s shop and they were out. The manager suggested I try two local supermarkets. Neither one had it. Neither. I was disappointed and dismayed that the June flavor ran out before June 23rd. Seems they should make more.

At the last shop I decided to check out other exotic flavors and saw Häagen-Daz’s Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch. I don’t like stout, but my sister and new husband were in town and I thought they’d be up for something extravagant.

Häagen-Daz has a line of Spirit-infused flavors featuring bourbon, amaretto, stout and Irish cream.

The Verdict: We all agreed that the stout taste wasn’t as powerful as we feared and that the mix of chocolate, pretzels and stout was unique and tasty in a small amount. I’d get it again for a party or dinner.