Gourmet Almond Joys

Epicurious figures out how to make gourmet Almond Joy candies. I’m delighted as these are some of my favorite candies. I’d make them with dark chocolate so they’d be like Mounds with almonds.


DIY Gourmet Oreos?

I stumbled on the Bon Appetit series of videos where a Senior Food Editor tries to make gourmet versions of common American snacks. Here she makes Oreos.

I’m curious about how these actually taste. I’d also like to see her final recipe.

She shows a very cool food-safe putty that enables cooks to create personalized molds.

Yesterday’s Banquet


China is a food culture. Period. End of story. People mark the beginning of the school year, or any venture, I gather, with a banquet.

Yesterday our American school treated us to a sumptuous luncheon. I soon lost track of the number of courses we had. That’s easy to do at one of these affairs in China.


Fatty Pork

One of my new colleagues had the good fortune of celebrating a birthday yesterday so we got to finish off the meal with a beautiful cake. What I like about Asian baked goods is they aren’t too rich or too sweet.

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I think even a Chinese person who lives to be 100 would never eat all the dishes available just in our region, Shandong. One thing that isn’t poorly made in China is the food.