Sepia Saturday


Newspaper Boy Race, 1964

Source: Florida Memory on Flickr Commons


Decorated bike, circa 1900

Source: Powerhouse Museum on Flickr Commons


PR Stunt for the Film Ghose Catchers, 1944

Source: National Library of New South Wales on Flickr Commons

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Sepia Saturday

California Historical Society : Sepia Saturday Theme Image 417


This weeks prompt shows happy people wading in the water. Now that we’re getting some warm weather in the Midwest, thinking about sunny days spent swimming seems reasonable.


State Library of New South Wales, 1908

These friends sure have great smiles and modest suits.


Florida Memories, 1949

Even my friends and I could do that.


Nationaal Archief, n.d.


Improvised sunscreen, Nationaal Archief, n.d.

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Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 415

Playing board games has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I especially like backgammon, checkers, and Risk. My family often played Monopoly, but we never finished a game. Fun though they were, the games went on and on.

Here are some nostalgic photos of board games.


From “Our Domestic Animals,” 1907


Florida Checkers Championship, 1957


Australian ship, 1934


In Japan, the game go is very big. There are movies like March Comes in Like a Lion and television broadcasts of tournaments.

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Sepia Saturday



Source: Florida Memory, Flickr Commons

I am a day late with this, but I can’t pass up a chance to share a Christmas photo from the archives. First here’s one  above of Santa enjoying the beach.

Source: Florida Memory Flickr Commons

Source: Florida Memory Flickr Commons

Source: State Library of New South Wales

Source: State Library of New South Wales

Sepia Saturday


I loved the boy dressed up as a cowboy having roped the man (his father? an uncle? a neighbor?). So I decided to search for children dressed up in some way and I found the photo below of a group of kids dressed up for a mock wedding. It was taken in 1924 and has been saved by Florida Memory.


Shrewd and Legal, But

Several folks in this neighborhood spend a few months in Florida. Several own condos there. Most of these people live here most months and it seems like it’s more than six.

These people are Republicans and they realize Obama is likely to win Illinois. So one spouse, if not both, have registered to vote in Florida.

Florida could be a close race. What they’re doing is legal, but I don’t like gaming the system and I hate how these folks can be sanctimonious about their view of the Right Way to Be American. I doubt Democrats are doing the same, but wonder.

It really isn’t right when it comes to more local races. If I were a Floridian who lived in the state 12 months a year, I wouldn’t want carpet baggers electing judges and state representatives and such. Will these folks just vote for the national offices? If so they’re hurting the local races in Illinois.