Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday 481 : Theme Image - Man With Arm On A Saw


This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt challenges bloggers to share photos of someone in (possible) danger.

parachute smu 19142a8_z

In the SMU Digital Collection I found an early parachuter coming down to earth in 1914.

fire sdasmda_z

Above there’s a photo of a field fire from the San Diego Air & Space Museum. They estimate that the photo was taken between 1939 and 1960.


From the Missouri State Archives I found this photo of a 1951 flood. That house is in danger of collapse.


The Florida Memory photo shows a photo from a 1965 hurricane.

I hope you’re not in the midst of such disaster this week. Have you ever gone through a natural disaster? Do you like danger?

Sepia Saturday


<strong>Floods can be so devastating, yet these kids are making the best of it. Here are some historic floods from Flickr Commons. Click here to see more blogs with Sepia Saturday posts.


Brisbane, 1893 from State Library of Queensland.


Lanceton, Tasmania, 1929 from Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office


Luxor n.d. from NY Public Library</strong>