New Year’s Resolutions

Last year I resolved to watch one old movie a week and I defined “old” as made before 1960. I had no idea how many great films I would discover through this resolution. I discovered lots of great movies from America, Japan, England, Italy and France. I saw great films I knew I should see, but never made time for. I did allow myself 4 weeks “off” but I think I saw at least 49 old films. Chaplin, Lloyd, Sacha Guitry, Mizuguchi, were just some of the directors whose work I saw for the first time.

So I’m going to continue this resolution with a couple tweaks. There were plenty of good films in the 60s and 70s so in 2015, I will watch movies made prior to 1980 and I’ll watch at least 2 a month.

Part of the reason for the decrease is that I plan to return to watching videos to upgrade my photography, software and other professional skills. I think I can manage watching three short videos a week for that goal.

I made my movie resolution because my Act One friend, Janet doesn’t believe in health related resolutions because you should eat well and exercise anyway and the January resolutions tend not to work so at some point you just postpone action till the next year. (Janet resolves to make time for lunch with a friend once a week so she doesn’t lose touch with people. I do believe fun, but easily postponed resolutions actually work.) In spite of Janet’s wise belief, I hope to regularly lift weights to tone my arms. So I’ll do that a minimum of three times a week.

I might start a Facebook page for anyone interested in the “Old Movie” Challenge.

What do you plan to change for 2015?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Throughout China women gather to exercise

Throughout China women gather to exercise

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Fitbit – So Far, So Good

Fitbit: Wireless Personal Trainer

Fitbit: Wireless Personal Trainer (Photo credit:

I got a fitbit device as a gift. Fitbit is an electronic device that measures your daily steps, calories burnt, stairs climbed, and sleep. There’s a companion website that allows you to log in your food and other activities (e.g. sports, tasks, physical activities)  I was going to sell it on ebay, but never got around to it. So about a week ago I decided to start using in. why not.

I don’t need to lose lots of weight, but I wouldn’t mind losing some. I don’t want to get fanatical about my daily calories or steps taken.

So far I’ve enjoyed the novelty of seeing how much I do or don’t do in a day. Fitbit makes it easy to log food as so  many brands and kinds of food have their nutritional data in the system. You just need to click away.

I’ve been doing well with it, though I get a little upset when I don’t wear mine thinking, “I didn’t get credit for all those stairs” or what have you.

I’ve been walking around Phnom Penh a lot and yesterday walked over 20,000 steps. I burned over 2500 calories according to Fitbit.