Orange Salad

Here’s one of the recipes for an orange salad that I learned at the Picnic Sides event at my local library. I think this recipe would work year ’round. Bon appétit!

orange salad

Tale of an Accidental Repairwoman

Yesterday, while I was cleaning the lint catcher, something fell down the lint chute.  I couldn’t see it or reach down the chute.  I didn’t even know what fell in, but after one attempt, I could see that the machine wasn’t going to work anymore.

I tried using a tool we have that’s made of wire and can pinch and pick up objects. Since I couldn’t see what or where the item was, this didn’t work. I really didn’t want to pay our handyman to fix this.

Today I went on YouTube, glorious YouTube and found that I’m not the only klutz to make this mistake. I watched the video above and saw that I could fix this myself. I love the esteem boost I get from such challenges so I went to the hardware store to get the tools suggested in the video below, (the video moved too fast for me to follow).

Turned out the socket wrench didn’t work so I went to Lowes, because the hardware store’s customer service was so slow. There the helpful associate helped me select the specific screwdriver needed ($4.97 plus tax). Once I got home I started to work. It didn’t just take 10 minutes, but it wasn’t hard to do. I did struggle with repositioning the outer chute, but after two trips to nearby stores, and about a half hour of working on the machine, our dryer’s back in working order. Total price $5.45. I think I’m stuck with the other tools, but they weren’t that expensive and I can either keep them or sell them on eBay.

Fix it cost: $5.45

Self-Esteem boost: priceless

On Computer Security

I’ve got a few tips for computer security after my last class on the topic. These are tips anyone can use.

Try the browser Codomo, which is fast and was designed for security. The website states that it’s a fast browser (which has been my experience) that offers top notch security against malware (that’s hard for me to determine).

My teacher uses LastPass to save her passwords, which is a free service to manage passwords. She is clear not to recommend it for fear she could be sued, it seems. (At her old school no one at the Help Desk could touch a student’s computer because they might be sued. (Geez. Our litigious society certain harms us.) I’ve started using it and like the ease of generating long passwords that are hard to crack yet easy for me because I don’t have to remember them.

You know how when you take an interest in a site or article often you have to register your email, yet you don’t want to give them your email and thereby start a long term relationship and you’ll be hearing from whatever company almost daily. My teacher mentioned that you can use 10 Minute Mail, which is like Trash Mail. You open an account to get an email address to give to a service you’re a bit interested in. 10 Minute Mail is just that, an account that allows you to give an email to a site, get verified and then forget about this address which will be deleted after 10 minutes. I like 10 Minute Mail better than Trash Mail, which requires you to provide another email address.

Also, I’ve now subscribed to the Consumer Reports’ webpages on Internet and Computer Security. They’re quite comprehensive and I can’t constantly search possible problems to stay up-to-date.