Not Again

Once again, WordPress has added a Planned Parenthood ad to my blog. I’ve written to them about this three times already and threatened to leave. I think abortion is a sensitive topic and not the purpose of my blog. I want no part in convincing people to use Planned Parenthood, which plays with language to disemmble. There are no parenthood classes at PP. Call them if you think I’m wrong and in the comments below share the time, date and address for their parenting services.

Planned Parenthood is a shrewd organization who’s aim is profit and they make the most money from abortions.

They should be able to keep functioning through private funding and the fees they charge. Yet the government funds them and uses taxpayers money to do so.

It would be one thing if WordPress also had other groups with alternative messages advertise but they don’t. WordPress could easily allow users to opt out of advertising that conflicts with their beliefs. They promise to do so and then repeatedly break their word.

It’s just shameful. And it’s anti-choice.

I do hope this clear bias will wake people up.

It’s a pity WordPress isn’t neutral. If they wanted to be, they could.


At Long Last! AT&T Arrives

Finally, two full weeks after experiencing a problem with the AT&T U-Verse service, and after having to call AT&T 10 times, a serviceman arrived.

He was prompt, courteous and thorough. He fixed the problem and then double and triple checked it. Our televisions now work.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get this sort of service 12 days ago. It’s dreadful that customers must face long waits, beg, fight and wait some more to get service. I suppose AT&T doesn’t care. Many of their operators acted like they didn’t, but then if you live six or seven or eight thousand miles from your clients and you had no training in providing excellent service why would you care?

The operators aren’t entirely to blame though. Their hands are tied as they must work within the bounds of poor policies.

I did get a prompt response from and they contacted AT&T immediately.  I highly recommend using for communication services gone awry.

More on AT&T

Saturday AT&T was supposed to send a repairperson between 8 and 10 am. No one came. At 11:30 am I called customer service. I got the usual empty apology. I answered all the same questions because it seems no records of accounts.

I was told that someone would be here by “close of business,” though the operator couldn’t tell me what time the end of business was on a Saturday. We had to rearrange our schedules for the whole of Saturday so that someone was always home.

By 4:50 pm no one from AT&T had come. I called customer service again. I waited and waited to find out when someone would come. I was on hold waiting for the operator to come back but by 5:10 I had to leave for a dinner at 5:30 pm.

Though the clerks always ask for an number to call should we get disconnected, no one left a message.

Today I called for the eighth time. Yes, eighth! The first woman needed the full description again. She then put me on hold and abandoned the call. After 25 minutes someone picked up the line. (I wasn’t about to start over by hanging up and starting again.) A man got on and asked for a recap. He then — believe it or not — said this was not his department and that he had to transfer me. Wouldn’t you know he dropped the call?

It could have been accidental, but employees of a PHONE country who work the PHONES should know how to use phones.

I spent some time on the Better Business Bureau’s page for AT&T. The stories of AT&T’s slip-shod, disrespectful service are awful, just awful. AT&T’s responses are the same canned, insincere response is the same to all. No one that I’ve seen gave AT&T more than one star, many explain that if they could give him zero, they would have.

We need service. We pay for the service. We’ll probably switch, but the other company is just as bad. I think they both count on this.

I’m going to try to find the phone number of the VP of Customer Experience or whatever they call it, if there is such a person.

Can’t Believe It

I thought my Air Canada experience was quite good and that I’d fly them again and again, two or three times back and forth from Chicago to China.

Then I picked up my new suitcase and saw the side bashed in. Since then my dealings with Air Canada have been wretched.

I’ve described how I couldn’t find anyone to help with the problem at the airport and no one responded to my online form. So I took the bag back to the airport on Jan. 20th. Since then I’ve called and gotten no information about the status of my bag.

I leave for China Sunday, tomorrow. I called them on Wednesday after getting no response to my second online form. After a half hour wait, Fiona answered the call. I told her the details of my problem and she promised to look into it. Later that day, she called and left a message. She spoke a mile a minute and it was impossible to catch the number though I tried a few possibilities. Her message said she hadn’t found the bag but had made a bit of progress.

If it’s your profession to speak on the phone, clear, slow speech is a must.

Now I’ve been on the line for half an hour waiting for someone to pick up.

While waiting I wrote to the travel ombudsmen who’s column appears in the Chicago Tribune. I think he’s my only hope. I would like the bag either delivered to China or a check.

Finally, I got a clerk to talk to me. She couldn’t help me I have to call another phone number. She couldn’t connect me. This is beyond aggravating. I have to go out and can’t hang on the line all afternoon.

Air Canada must hate its passengers. I swear if I owned a company, I would not make people wait more than 5 minutes. That should be illegal.