Sepia Saturday

Festival Meal (1909) : Liberas Collection, Flickr  (Sepia Saturday 507)

Today Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged to share pictures of dinner parties, large or small.

clover club4fa_c

Clover Club, 1905 from Flickr Commons, Library Company of Philadelphia

The Clover Club was a men’s social club in Philadelphia. They even have their own cocktail. You can find the recipe here.


A Bohemian dinner party. 1885. Library of Congress.

Note the lack of food above.


Children’s table. 1919. Library of Congress.

Saying grace before Christmas dinner. Is the dog praying for scraps?


Dinner Party by George Hand Wright. 1900. Library of Congress.

I like the ease and elegance in the drawing above.


American Florists, 1885 from Flickr Commons, Internet Archive


St. Paul, MN chapter of B’nai Brith Women Donor Luncheon, 1955

I went to a marvelous party . . .

Yesterday I went to a dinner at the Japanese Consulate General’s home for a thank you dinner. A couple weeks ago I volunteered to interview candidates for the JET Programme, which sends thousands of assistant language teachers and entry level officers in government international bureaus.

The consulate general lives in a lovely, national landmark homes in Evanston. First there was a cocktail hour followed by a sit down dinner. I lucked out and got to sit at the table with the Consular General and his wife. The other guests at the table were three former JETs and a professor from Loyola University Chicago, my alma mater.

The consul general was very down to earth and approachable as was his wife. He loves Chicago steak houses and has covered a fair amount of ground exploring the US and the city. His wife was very graceful and unassuming.

It was fun to be able to share memories of Japan and learn what people are doing post-Japan.