Dennis’ Seder

Last night I caught the last hour of Dennis Prager’s online Seder dinner. I’m going to watch the beginning this evening. This was my first Seder and it was fascinating because Dennis Prager and his friend Dr. Stephen Marmer, with whom Dennis has celebrated Passover for 30 years. They explain the symbolism and meaning of every facet shown. They translate from Hebrew and explain scripture as needed.

Also, they both share stories of their families’ Seders from years and years ago.

New Book Club

PragerU has a new book club with Michael Knowles. Each month he and a guest will discuss a great book. This month Michael and Dennis Pragerdiscuss Viktor Franks’s Man’s Search for Meaning. 

I enjoyed their in-depth conversation and they’ve convinced me to move this book up in my reading queue. I’m curious about what book Michael will discuss next and who he’ll have on. I do wish they’d tell us the next book so I could read it before the February video comes out.