Weekly Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)! To join, al l you need to do is create a post and link to Eclectic Ali

Fall Flowers

If we were having coffee, I’d suggest we enjoy it outside where we could see some of the brilliant foliage. Then afterwards, I’d offer to show you some of the Halloween decorations that are appearing around town.

That’s not your lunch, Mr. Squirrel.

I’d tell you that work has continued. We were to end September 30th, then October 5th and now the 31st, though we’re just scheduled till the 19th. All summer we got our schedule one week at a time so that’s nothing enw.

I’d mention that I watched the US Vice Presidential Debates and found them more coherent as there fewer interruptions. The moderator was better.

Must watch wit and analysis

I’m enjoying Man of the World starring William Powell and Carole Lombard – review to follow. It’s a story of an American con man in France, who meets an heiress.

Mastering Debate

A fan of Charisma on Command, I thought I’d share this video on debate skills. Like him or hate him, Ben Shapiro is a debating hot shot and worthy of study. Whether you plan to join the debate team at school or just want better techniques for dinner table debates, this video will help you up your game.

Travel Theme: Belonging

mango & sticky rice belong together

mango & sticky rice belong together

Friends belong together, Jinan

Friends belong together, Jinan

This man felt he belonged here, - he lost that battle

This man felt he belonged here, – he lost that battle

Each week Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack? challenges bloggers with a creative prompt. Last  week we were suppose to post photos inspired by “Belonging.”

What arches have you seen? If you want to join the fun, follow these steps:

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Check out Where’s My Backpack for more photos interpreting “Arches.”

Bughouse Square Debates

This is a must-see event in Chicago. This coming Saturday the Newberry Library celebrates free speech with the Bughouse Square Debates. They’ll open with an award for outstanding work for free speech and then offer an afternoon of reasoned, passionate debate on a wide range of topics: religion, politics, arts, education, you name it. Heckling is encouraged and honored. The Dil Pickle Award will go to the best debater.

There is an open soap box so anyone could win this year’s Dil.