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No One Has to Watch

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As I enjoy the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I’ve seen some posts on Facebook criticizing the event’s popularity. I grant you it may not be your cup of tea, just as the Superbowl isn’t mine, but remember no one is making you watch. Yes, it’s been broadcast on many networks, but still it’s not on every channel.

One person on Facebook said that since Harry was a playboy and had poor judgment in his past and because Meghan was divorced, she was boycotting the Royal Wedding. That is her choice, but I believe Harry probably has learned from his errors and if the divorce were an impediment, someone in the hierarchy would have brought that issue up. I know nothing of her life when she was married and am in no position to judge. The minister at the service did ask if there were any reasons the two should not wed and no one spoke up so who are we to say?

Another person posted that since there was a shooting in Texas yesterday this was no time to watch a Royal Wedding. Hmmm. I’m more inclined to say that it’s because of the violence in our society that we should watch ceremonies that focus on optimism, love and hope. No one should be forced to watch a wedding, but if we only dwell on the negative, can we really address evil? I’m inclined to say no because we need to be strong to solve society’s problems and watching a celebration of love, even the love of two flawed people, (since that’s the only kind of people who live) can renew and strengthen us so we can heal the hurt and change society for the better.