Citizenship Ceremony

One story on becoming a U.S. citizen.

On Citizens Divided

Let’s dial it back. Get big money out of politics.

Dare to dream, folks, as you go to the polls. Maybe after voting you can draft some letters to your representatives. Leave the name blank and mail the letter Wednesday when you know who’s won.

Bughouse Square Debates

This is a must-see event in Chicago. This coming Saturday the Newberry Library celebrates free speech with the Bughouse Square Debates. They’ll open with an award for outstanding work for free speech and then offer an afternoon of reasoned, passionate debate on a wide range of topics: religion, politics, arts, education, you name it. Heckling is encouraged and honored. The Dil Pickle Award will go to the best debater.

There is an open soap box so anyone could win this year’s Dil.