Sepia Saturday

Each week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers with a visual prompt from way back when. This week we’re challenged to share photos of people cooking outdoors. Well, you can interpret the image above however you like, but I’ve gone with outdoor cooking.

Here’s what I found.

Wolcott, M. P., photographer. (1940) Camp Livingston construction worker cooking outdoors in front of shacks which they have built themselves out of lumber they purchased or found nearby. These are along the main highway on government property so they do not have to pay rent. Water is hauled from a nearby church faucet. There are no satisfactory facilities.There were all from Monroe, Louisiana. Their names were: S.A. Trichel, John H. Poole Jr., R. Jones, D.C. Lovelady, Charles B. Griggs. Most of them have been here about three weeks, a couple only one week. Louisiana Rapides Parish Rapides Parish. United States, 1940. Dec. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Robinson, H. R. (1834) The Political Barbecue
. , 1834. New York: Published by H.R. Robinson. [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Andrew Jackson is roasted over the fires of “Public Opinion” by the figure of Justice in a cartoon relating to the controversy surrounding Jackson’s removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United States. Jackson, with the body of a pig, is prone on a gridiron over a stone barbecue oven. The fire is stoked by former Secretary of the Treasury William Duane, at lower right, while Jack Downing, lower left, splits kindling. Jack Downing: “I jest split a little kindleying wood, so Amos can jest make Broth for all hands &c.” Duane: “I am opposed to Removing the Deposits, as I was when I was Secretary, but prefer gently Stirring them up.” Five men, opponents of Jackson’s bank program, stand behind the barbecue. They are (from left to right) Senators Henry Clay, Daniel Webster (holding a knife), William B. Preston, Bank president Nicholas Biddle, and an unidentified fifth man. Vice-President Martin Van Buren, as an imp, flies off to the right with a sack of Treasury Notes over his shoulder. Clay: “Dan this is what they call in Kentuc our High Game to their Low Jack.” Webster: “In Massachusetts they call it Roasting.” Preston: “In South Carolina t’is called Barbecue only he wants a little more Basteing.” Biddle: “In Pennsylvania we find it difficult to find a home for the animal but have concluded to call him Nondescript pertaking of the General, Hog, Man and Devil.” Fifth man: “We think he pertakes strongly of the Rooter, for he has rooted our treasures all over the country and was squeeling for the Pension-fund when Clay caught him and put a ring in his nose, and we’ve all given it a twist.” Van Buren: “T’is my business to get folks in trouble and their business to get themselves out.”

Kilburn, B. W., photographer. (1904) Thanksgiving barbecue, Moscow, Wash
. Washington, 1904. [Littleton, N.H.: Photographed and published by B.W. Kilburn] [Photograph] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

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Weekend Coffee Share


Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d say I’m still frustrated with getting forced to blog using the new block editor which has change posting for the worse. For example in the past I could just copy an old post for my Weekend Coffee Shares and have the introduction and image where I want them. No more. I’ve wasted a couple minutes trying to get the image where I want it and can’t. I don’t have time to do tutorials on tasks I’ve done with ease for years.

I worked bot Saturday and Sunday by choice. Saturday began with a Shred-a-thon sponsored by the alderman of the 33rd ward of Chicago one of several where we need people to do their Census. Most people reported doing it. One was obstinate about not doing it and wouldn’t say why. We got to meet the alderman and the district county commissioner and I was impressed that they both were so young. I’d guess under 35.

From their I went to an H-Mart to work with a different team member. At both events in total we got 4 people to do the Census. I hope for more but that’s typical. The most unusual response this weekend was one guy refusing our pleas by saying, “No, I don’t do that. I’m neutral.” Obviously, he still doesn’t know what a Census is.

Sunday I went to Lindo Michoacán to work and boy was it hopping. We got 5 censuses done along with the usual people who just walk by or refuse.

I’d crop this image, but with the new @#$@ editor, I don’t know how.

I began watching Hitchcock’s Cold War Thriller Topaz starring John Forsythe as a CIA spy.

I’m finishing up Swann’s Way the first book in the Remembrance of Things Past series (or is it a collection?) opus by Proust. It’s building to a beautiful, though surprising end. It’s my second reading of it so I’m ready for the surprise, but anticipating the how.

The weather’s been hot, which has curtailed my usual afternoon walks. I just don’t like to be out in the intense sun when it’s over 90 degrees.

Friday I went to a family barbecue where one of the guests teaches in a suburb nearby. That school will be completely in class when it opens. Parents are volunteering to monitor how many kids are in the bathroom (only one at a time) and will be required to get substitute teacher licenses because if there’s a need they’ll be the subs. This teacher has room for 14 students in her third grade class, though there are 17 students in the class. The three new students will have to learn remotely. I wish all who’re starting school again the patience and fortitude the changes demand.

BBQ Pit Boys

I’m intrigued by regular folks who make a name for themselves on YouTube. These guys started out making how-to barbecue videos. It started with one man, who when he received a surprise (to him) check for his videos, recruited some pals and learned some camera techniques. Now his posse is watched by people all over the world. Some have set up clubs like BBQ Pit Boys Germany or BBQ Pit Boys Taiwan. Here’s a few of their videos. Maybe you can gather some friends and grill an alligator this weekend.

They were featured on an episode of Sarah’s Weekday Meals on PBS.