Silent Sunday




Poem of the Week


By Carl Sandburg
An open door says, “Come in.”
A shut door says, “Who are you?”
Shadows and ghosts go through shut doors.
If a door is shut and you want it shut,
     why open it?
If a door is open and you want it open,
     why shut it?
Doors forget but only doors know what it is
     doors forget.

Which Way Challenge


Glenview, IL – My favorite local trail

The Which Way Challenge, that Cee began, has been picked up by the Sonofthebeach69 blogger.  The beauty of it is that it’s free form. You can include images of doors, gates, roads, streets, exits, signs, paths, waterways, you name it.



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Madea’s Family Funeral


If you’re looking for an outrageous laugh, you might want to try this guilty pleasure of mine Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Family Funeral. Madea and her outspoken relatives visit their well heeled relatives for a anniversary celebration. But rather than celebrating a40 years of wedded bliss, skeletons start pouring out of the family closet when one of the guests of honor dies in a most compromising position.

While Madea thinks she’s helping, her brash personality makes things worse. She’s far from alone in the disaster. With the lying, philandering relatives it’s something of a comedic race to the bottom. Hilarity explode es scene after scene and when all the secrets come out, truth prevails and some true wisdom is shared.

It’s a fun film that made me laugh out loud in spots.

What I Learned Today

Have you ever accidentally used a permanent marker on a white board?

I have and I did today.

However, I learned how to remove it. All you have to do is to to write with a Dry Erase marker on top of the permanent marker and erase.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees



Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos of trees. What photos will you share?


John Singer Sargent’s Trees

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