That @#@! Walt Disney!

I learned about this in my Introduction to Technology class, but Adam Conover explains the public domain issue more concisely and with wit.


I Won’t Be Buying Tom’s Shoes

I had heard that giving low income people clothing hurt their developing economies. Also, often if a charity gives people free shoes or clothes, they may turn around and sell them since they didn’t really need or want shoes.

This short video confirms those notions.

So while I’ll still donate to charity, I’ll be less likely to give to “hot” charities or to faux charities like Tom’s Shoes that have a new cool idea.

(FYI in China Tom’s $4 shoes are sold for $90 in their stores — and much less on the street.)

Dirty Politics across the Centuries

Yes, I’ve been binging on Adam Conover’s Adam Ruins Everything. He’s witty, smart and research-based. I may have my students make debunking videos next semester.

The barbs sound better, though perhaps more vicious, in 1800. Am I being biased against modern times?

There are just two bad examples here. I imagine if vulgarity were more rampant, his video would have been longer.

Adam Ruins Everything

I learned about this YouTube channel which led, evidently, to a TV show. Adam Ruins Everything is a must see program if you want to see what lies and myths we’re fed as consumers and citizens.

Guess, what? You don’t need to drink 8 glasses of water or liquid a day.

Adam loves research and he uses that to ruin everything so I’ve subscribed. I will still tip, but I’ll relax about drinking 8 glasses a day, a goal I’ve never attained.

In an Italian Lunchroom

I don’t know what I found more surprising the great singing or the fact that Italian kids get fresh basil and parmesan cheese with their school lunches, which actually look tasty.

Japanese Ice Cream

Ice cream is a summer delight, but somehow Japan adds its own spins, usually cute ones, to icy treats. I just happened upon Simon and Martin because YouTube thought I’d like them. Maybe because I’ve been watching 2Hearts1Seoul videos by a couple in Korea.

I just read that in a given week more video minutes are uploaded than were produced in the last 30 years of television. I’m not sure whether they’re counting all the television produced worldwide, while counting all worldwide YouTube videos. (Statistical problem there if they are.)

It’d be cool if a couple or family in China had a YouTube channel, but how could they with the sanctions and censorship?

How to Put on Headscarves

As I’ve been in Indonesia for almost two weeks and surrounded by women in hajibs (i.e. headscarves) I wanted to learn more about them. So I found a Dina Tokio tutorial on how they put them on. I never knew about the fabric they use to control their hair under the scarf or the ways they make a bigger bump in the back of their heads.

There’s a seemingly unlimited number of ways to wear them.

BBQ Pit Boys

I’m intrigued by regular folks who make a name for themselves on YouTube. These guys started out making how-to barbecue videos. It started with one man, who when he received a surprise (to him) check for his videos, recruited some pals and learned some camera techniques. Now his posse is watched by people all over the world. Some have set up clubs like BBQ Pit Boys Germany or BBQ Pit Boys Taiwan. Here’s a few of their videos. Maybe you can gather some friends and grill an alligator this weekend.

They were featured on an episode of Sarah’s Weekday Meals on PBS.

Favorite Beauty Vloggers

After learning about the wonders of Korean skin care from the Wall Street Journal, I went to YouTube to learn more. There I discovered some vloggers who’re enjoyable and informative. I’ve been sharing these folks with my sister and friends so it seemed I should blog about them and have a one-stop spot for people to sample top beauty bloggers.

Joan Keem

Joan’s a Korean American who’s now living in Seoul where she creates upbeat, informative videos and works for a radio station, I think. In addition to beauty videos she’ll also upload videos about travel and fashion.


Urbanite and self-professed “long time product junkie” Renée has worked in the beauty industry for years. She puts together videos that show her insider know-how. Like Joan, she’s upbeat. I like how she’s willing to show herself without a drop of make up and that she’s closer to my age.

The Beauty Breakdown

Morgan, authentic and energetic, has a very down-to-earth approach to skin care and cosmetics. I like how she’s so real. If she doesn’t like something, she lets you know. So you can use her recommendations with confidence.


Sunny is a law school graduate, vlogger and friend of Joan’s. she’s down to eart and gives honest opinions. I like when vloggers honestly point out short coming’s of products.


Urbanite and self-professed “long time product junkie” Renée has worked in the beauty industry for years. She puts together videos that show her insider know-how. Like Joan, she’s upbeat. I like how she’s willing to show herself without a drop of make up and that she’s closer to my age.

Meej Muse

An Australian Korean make up artist, Jen Kim makes informative, fun videos on skin care, make up, life style, travel and woman-in-the-street interviews on social issues. She’s fun and smart and quite professional with her video and post-production skills.

Here’s one of her videos on Seoul.

The Chriselle Factor

Chriselle Lim is the most sophisticated of the bunch. I don’t watch her as often becaue she seems so out of my league. She’s worked hard to make a place in the fashion world of YouTube, but I can tell I don’t and won’t have her budget for clothes, makeup or anything. She does have a sense of humor and wit which she uses in her videos, but still I feel she’s more high fashion than I want to be. Her videos are well-made and she deserves kudos for the production values.

Do you have favorite vloggers on any subject? If so, share links and below and I’ll check them out. They can be on any topic.


How Editors Feel

Here’s another good installment of “Every Frame a Painting,” videos that offer wisdom for filmmakers or viewers.

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