Journalism Today

What was really said? What’s journalistic malfeasance?

Scott Adams would approve.


God’s Double Agent: Bob Fu

Here’s a fascinating interview about religious persecution in China. Christians aren’t the only religion that the CCP doesn’t like. They don’t like any very much.

Hermit Rehab

Asian Boss fascinates again with a look inside a Japanese rehab center for hermits, not religious hermits, but people with social anxiety that manifests as withdrawal. (Religious orders don’t just let anyone become a hermit; you must show emotional maturity and psychological health.)

With so much social media addiction, I wonder how long before we need these in the West.

Lamborghini Uber Ride?

YouTube has such serendipity. Somehow yesterday I ran across this video when a young man used his Lamborghini to give Uber rides. People were gobsmacked to say the least. I especially enjoyed is second ride.

Today I saw his more pedestrian/useful video on parallel parking.