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I was curious about the etymology of this timely word:

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Word of the Week


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Ted Cruz and others used ‘fungible’ this week when talking about the money that was returned to Iran during the Obama administration. Someone asked Cruz whether he could prove that the money returned to Iran was used for terrorism and he said money’s fungible. Since cash goes into one pot that’s then used for various expenses no one can say this particular cash paid for this particular expense. It’s part of the total funds and some of those funds were used to fund terrorism.

Scott Adams praised Cruz for his answer this week, though he thought the word wasn’t used accurately.

Word of the Week

sitzmark, n.: An impression made in the snow by a skier falling backwards on his or her backside; an act of falling in this way.’
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈsɪtsmɑːk/,  U.S. /ˈsɪtsˌmɑrk/
Origin: Apparently a borrowing from German, combined with an English element; probably modelled on a German lexical item. Etymons: German sitzen, mark n.1

Etymology:Apparently <  German sitzen sit v. + mark n.1, probably after German Sitzspur (1926 or earlier in this sense; 19th cent. in sense ‘trace or impression left by a person or animal in sitting position’).


“Sitzmark.” (n.d.) Oxford English Dictionary.