For those Long Flights

These tips should help your skin and general feeling of well being.


Autumn in Jinan


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. –Albert Camus

Tokyo Godfathers


By Satoshi Kon, Tokyo Godfathers shows three homeless misfits–a gambler, who’s lost his family, a transvestite and a runaway teen–who discover an abandoned baby. These outsiders, though flawed and somewhat to blame for their situation, come to get the audience’s sympathy and respect. They bicker as they seek the baby’s parents, which is a wild odyssey full of surprises against a gritty backdrop I rarely see in Japanese films.

The misfits have interesting backstories and as the story progresses they are forced to come to terms with their mistakes and history. They lead us through Japan’s shadier sides and the artwork is realistic.

Unlike the other Kon films I’ve seen this one sticks to the story with no departures into the character’s subconsciouses. Tokyo Godfathers/em> is a film I’d watch again and again.

Silent Sunday

Spring 2016 China 076SilentSunday

Sepia Saturday

sepia 827


Ginny & Bob – August 27, 1960

Each week the folks at Sepia Saturday choose a theme for people to post on. This week’s theme is “Love and Marriage.” and it just so happens that it’s my parents’ (above) wedding anniversary. Below I’ve posted public domain photos, dost of which had little in terms of metadata i.e. descriptions. Still they caught my attention.

If you’d like to see more nostalgic wedding photos, head over to Sepia Saturday.

regal wedding


Edith Cowan the 1st female member of Australia’s parliament (1921)

wedding 1

For College Success

Joan Keem offers good advice for advice for new and continuing college students.

Things Bilingual People Do

I think this is spot on, but do you?

Which languages do you speak?

“Western Couples vs Chinese Couples”

There’s a lot that’s true especially childcare.


Disney’s Zootopia is a fun kids’ movie that adults can enjoy. Zootopia’s plucky heroine is a new police officer, who though highly qualified gets put on meter maid duty because of stereotypes and discrimination against rabbits. She must team up with a fox who’s a con artist to catch the mastermind behind a slew of kidnappings. If she can solve this case, she can prove her worth. As you’d expect in this “buddy” film the fox is her polar opposite in terms of ethos and personality.

The film is fast paced and clever, but like many Disney films lacks unique perspective. It feels like it was made by a committee rather than an individual artist. Not a bad film. It’s an entertaining film, but I do wish an American studio could produce some films that are not so packaged, so pat.


There’s a lot I’d rather do with my time, but this week I’ve got to organize my stuff. I haven’t culled clothing based on whether they spark joy, but I have rolled up all my all my knit shirts. I’ve found if I roll them and stand them up they fit the drawer perfectly and I can see each item. (She still lays each shirt on a side, I’m laying them on an edge so they’re going up and down.) I think I can fit twice as much in a drawer and see each item.

I have eliminated several bags of papers I’ve collected — tax forms that are more than 7 years old, my ACT and SAT scores, loads of notebooks. I have kept a few poems and stories I wrote in grammar school. There’s no need to delete my entire history.

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