So Timely

The Homily (sermon) was so timely.

This homily is addresses Matthew 18:15-20. It’s so timely as the priest exhorts us to lift up our Social Media messages. Going low or being snide helps no one. We should take the high road.

On Twitter &

I confess I’ve thought Twitter a rather silly, superficial medium. I didn’t use it much and I didn’t like the idea of strangers following me. We’re trained not to like Stranger Danger.

Then I soon got that I could use Twitter to communicate with my government representatives. They were following me and I was following them. A tweet’s easier than an email or letter when I can be succinct. So another use was found. During political debates I found I liked tweeting and reading tweets.

Then Downton Abbey came ’round and during season 2, I got in the habit of tweeting and reading tweets, which made watching more communal without annoying people in the living room who don’t like to chat.

I’m taking a class in Social Media for Information Professionals and interviewed a very in-the-know librarian. She convinced me to see Twitter as a great way to keep up on my profession or my interests. Now I don’t see it as social as in maintaining friendships at all. I use it to share useful information with others in my field. It’s an online cocktail party. So it shouldn’t be used just to broadcast or hunt for a job, but rather to share and connect with new people. Now I’ve signed up with more library and EFL professionals and I’ve used to organize the best of my daily tweets into what amounts to an online personal newspaper. I can look at my and in minutes see what I need to look into and what’s unnecessary.

I also recommend reading the Tao of Twitter for more insight into how to make Twitter worthwhile. It’s a quick read and after going through half the book and implementing some of the ideas, I’ve gotten a lot more followers.