Sepia Saturday

2003517 : Sepia Saturday 514 : Woman Sitting In A Chair (EP20.003)

A portrait of a lady. That’s how I see this week’s prompt. So I searched through the archives and my own photos of portraits of ladies.

From Flickr Commons:

lady 1

US National Archives, 1863


SMU Archives, 1970


national archives lady_c

US National Archives, 1863

lady conan doyle_c

Library of Congress – Lady Conan Doyle, 1920

From my archives:

Sepia Saturday

Boating lake and Spa, Bridlington, Vintage Postcard (1950s) (2002024)

This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to dig through the archives to find photos along promenade or at a spa. It’s a challenge that can brighten a gloomy day, like what we’re having.

I do notice more neighbors out to take walks during the Quarantine, so I’m going with promenade for my inspiration.

warrenpt prom

Warrenpoint Promenade, Public Records of Northern Ireland, 1910

b bridge b7_c

On the Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge, n.d. Source: National Galleries of Scotland

Britania Pier2_c

Britannia Pier, circa 1890, Library of Congress

Sepia Saturday

Three Beauties (c1920) Scanned Third Party Print (2002022)

Dogs make everything better. What a great prompt for bloggers!

Every week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to share photos of yesterday and yesteryear. To join the fun, just share images that are inspired by the photo above.


Source: Florida Memory, 1920

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Source: Australian Maritime Museum, 1910


Source: Library of Congress, 1910

Sepia Saturday

Faces On The Beach (c1910) Third Party Print (2002021)

Each week Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged to share photos based on a theme. This week’s photo shows a man surrounded by a bevy of beauties. I’m searching for photos with a man or woman outnumbered by members of the opposite sex.

male women age1920s_Venice

Venice Beach, 1920s | Los Angeles Public Library


Washington, DC, 1921 | Library of Congress

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Place Unknown | Library of Congress, n.d. 

Sepia Saturday

sepia sat fam portrait

Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged this week to share photos inspired by the family portrait above. I decided to find some famous families all together.

elizabeth 00005DC-881_964x673

Queen Elizabeth II & family


Teddie Roosevelt’s Family

lincoln family

The Lincoln’s


Queen Victoria and her children

kaiser wilhelm 1906

Kaiser Wilhelm II & Family


Japanese Imperial Family, 2008


Kennedy Family portrait


Last Imperial Korean family, Jeoseon Period


Sepia Saturday

Passage To The Congo - Liberas Collection, Flickr (Sepia Saturday 508)

Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged this week to share photos inspired by the image of men lounging on a cruise ship (above). The first ship that comes to mind for me is the Queen Mary. 


Launching of the Queen Mary, Library of Congress, 1912

RMS Queen Mary

Take a look at this video of stories about the ghosts of The Queen Mary.

Sepia Saturday

Festival Meal (1909) : Liberas Collection, Flickr  (Sepia Saturday 507)

Today Sepia Saturday bloggers are challenged to share pictures of dinner parties, large or small.

clover club4fa_c

Clover Club, 1905 from Flickr Commons, Library Company of Philadelphia

The Clover Club was a men’s social club in Philadelphia. They even have their own cocktail. You can find the recipe here.


A Bohemian dinner party. 1885. Library of Congress.

Note the lack of food above.


Children’s table. 1919. Library of Congress.

Saying grace before Christmas dinner. Is the dog praying for scraps?


Dinner Party by George Hand Wright. 1900. Library of Congress.

I like the ease and elegance in the drawing above.


American Florists, 1885 from Flickr Commons, Internet Archive


St. Paul, MN chapter of B’nai Brith Women Donor Luncheon, 1955