Pentecost by Kid Catholic

Pentecost is one of the most important holidays for Christians, though it isn’t as well celebrated because it isn’t commercialized the way Christmas and Easter are. I’m actually glad it’s simply spiritual though it would be great if more people understood Pentecost and celebrated it.

Mass Pentecost

Some peace on Pentecost, the day that Christians commemorate the Holy Spirit coming down and filling believers.

I love that at the end there’s a shower of rose petals coming from an opening in the dome. Evidently, this is an ancient tradition, but I’d never heard of it.

Mass Monday on Saturday

I just finished watching all of Steven Crowder’s Mass Monday, where he and his gang discuss religion. If you expect any and all religious conversation to be dry and dull, this will prove you wrong. In this episode, they rebut two YouTubers who explain why they’ve left the church. It’s likely that you’ve heard people explain that their feelings on different topics have led them to abandon their previous faith. Crowder’s crew offer an engaging, rational debunking.

You’ve probably come up with the same arguments in many cases, but for me this video gave me added confidence in them.

One quote offered that stuck with me about religion is “If you keep watering medicine down, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work.”

Dennis’ Seder

Last night I caught the last hour of Dennis Prager’s online Seder dinner. I’m going to watch the beginning this evening. This was my first Seder and it was fascinating because Dennis Prager and his friend Dr. Stephen Marmer, with whom Dennis has celebrated Passover for 30 years. They explain the symbolism and meaning of every facet shown. They translate from Hebrew and explain scripture as needed.

Also, they both share stories of their families’ Seders from years and years ago.

Christianity in Japan

This young woman put together a documentary on Japan’s relationship to Christianity, how its perceived, what Japanese people do believe and how Christians are received in the Land of the Rising Sun.

When I lived there, Christianity was perceived as a foreign religion and as the video states only 1% of the population believes in it. Still because its a densely populated country, I did find churches near me.

I attended Buddhist and Shinto festivals, but as the documentary shows people tended to do them because they were traditions not because they actually believed them or knew their origins. At temples people would post their prayer petitions and people do donate to support their temples, in fact there’s great social pressure to tithe.