Coffee with Scott Adams: VP Debate

What does Scott think of the persuasion shown on last night’s debate between VP Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris? Get some coffee, sit down and see.

On Debates

I did watch last night’s Presidential Debate and was extremely disappointed, mainly with the moderation. Both candidates interrupted each other and talked over each other. Thus I mentally tuned out. The cacophony was too much.

I hold the moderator and network responsible Laura Ingraham does a much better job when two strong, loud people are battling for airtime.

In the future, I’d implement control over the mics. When it’s someone’s turn to talk, their mic is on. If they want to counter a claim, they’d have a device that they could type with and whatever they want to say would appear on the bottom of the screen.

The idea of the open time was a major failure because both candidates just talked over each other.

I usually watch the evening news and some follow up commentary shows. Not today. I just want to move on.

Chris Wallace may be a fine interviewer, but as a moderator he failed. He couldn’t keep order and his voice has a screeching pitch so that made things worse. I’d get James Earl Jones to do the job. His voice is commanding. Someone could give him the questions.

Chen Guangcheng Speech

When I lived in China, activist for the disabled Chen Guangcheng was under house arrest and escaped from his home in my province, Shandong. He made it to the US Embassy in Beijing and applied for the US to take him in as a human rights refugee.

We did take him in and NYU offered him a position.

I followed this story as it happened and found this speech riveting at the RNC a couple seeks back. I’m impressed that he could read Braille in English and give a speech in a second language at such a big event.

Highlights from the RNC

A video by a woman who served as a surgeon for the US Army before becoming a nun.

Almost a million babies are killed each year in the US.

The President talks to 6 of the 150+ hostages whose release he negotiated

Pastor Brounson was in the news quite a bit, but all these people’s stories are gripping.

Frontline COVID Workers

I really loved the segments with the President.