Arizona Hearing: Wow!

Today we heard plenty of compelling testimony about the 2020 Election. These people have said that they realize they could go to jail if they lie and that they’d risk their life to tell the truth.

Will this be on the news tonight? Probably only on a few stations abroad, Newsmax, and OAN.

Good Grief

She should have asked for their badge numbers and names.

So They can Fire the Orchestra?


The Kennedy Center has shamefully fired their orchestra after receiving millions in taxpayer dollars, which were supposed to help workers.

Read the story here. I wish we could revoke that payment. The Kennedy Center decision makers should be fired.

Japan Abdication, New Emperor

I’ve found the story of the abdication of Japan’s Emperor Akihito. He’s the first emperor to leave office. Akihito is 86 and decided to abdicate due to his age and health. Many thought he should stay in this role till his death as is the custom. This weekend on NHK, the Japanese PBS channel, they offered several documentaries on the Emperor Emeritus’ long reign.

In Japan the year is determined by the current Emperor so this year will be Reiwa 1. Emperor Akihito’s era was Heisei and till April 30 the year was Heisei 30.