Cee’s Black & White Challenge

Patterns in Nature

Snake at a zoo in Melbourne

Each week Cee challenges bloggers to share black and white photos based on a theme. This week we’re challenged to share photos of patterns in nature..

What will you share?

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Pink & Yellow

Each week Cee challenges us to share photos based on an inspiring prompt. This week we’re challenged to share photos with orange and/or green in them, hence the photos above that I took last weekend at a laundromat in Chicago.

From the Night of 1000 Jack o’Lanterns
Pilsen, Chicago

To join the fun, you just need to check what the new prompt is at Cee’s Photography. Create a post and link or ping back to her blog.

Sundance Film Festival, Park City

Discovering Shinrin-Yoku — Dream Beautiful Fly High



By Pexelson Pixabay

More on Forest Bathing, my new pasttime.

Whenever we visit my husband’s family in England I really look forward to walking in the nature reserve near their home. Formerly a farm, the nature reserve is now 33 hectares of wildflower meadows, woodland, ancient hedgerows and ponds. While we are visiting I walk there most days. I refer to it as my “happy […]

via Discovering Shinrin-Yoku — Dream Beautiful Fly High


Flower of the Day Challenge


I’m pretty sure this is my first Flower of the Day (FOTD) post. It’s hosted by Cee of Cee’s Photography. I love how it’s a chance to notice and share beauty.

I think I’ll start by just joining once or twice a week. It has spurred me to visit the Botanical Garden nearby.


My pal Marty’s new pet. Bucky is a Patagonian mara, “also known as

The mara is another large rodent from the same family as the guinea pig, although they resemble a rabbit or a small deer, with long limbs and hoof-like feet. They are native to Argentina and inhabit area of grasslands or areas with a high density of shrub cover, living in communal dens where the pups of up to 20 pairs are raised.


“Patagonia Mara.” (n.d.). 5 Intriguing Animals in Argentina and Where to Find Them. Australia and Patagonia. Retrieved from https://blogpatagonia.australis.com/animals-in-argentina/ on May 2019.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Feathers

Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos of eyes. What delightful photos will you share?

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Which Way Challenge


Temple in Taipei

The Which Way Challenge, that Cee began, has been picked up by the Sonofthebeach69 blogger.  The beauty of it is that it’s free form. You can include images of doors, gates, roads, streets exits, signs, paths, waterways, you name it.



Painting – LaSalle St., Chicago

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