4 Levels: Chicken Wings

If you like chicken wings, here are some ideas with a pinch of food science.

4 Levels: Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake?

Well, a lot of people, I suppose, especially if they’re lactose intolerant.

But I do love it and haven’t had it for a while. This is the first 4 level episode I’ve seen that I’d actually go with the pro’s recipe. I’d like to combine the raspberries from level 2 with the oatmeal cookie, no-bake level 3.

What do you think?

The Musette: sinfully-rich brownies

I’m baking more and want to try these. I did give up chocolate for Lent so it’ll be a few weeks more before I do. Tomorrow I’m making pineapple-upside down cake. 

The richer a brownie is, the better it tastes. Most people would far rather have a fat finger of something truly decadent than a large square of what…

The Musette: sinfully-rich brownies

Mary & the Royals

A fun Christmas special with Mary from the The Great British Bake Off meets Prince William and Princess Kate and agrees to create the menu for their Christmas celebration for staff of charities they support. If you like the Royals and food, you’ll like this.

Cooking at the Library

I went to a Holiday Appetizers program at my library this week and learned some great tips. Let me share them:

  • When baking preheat the oven 50º higher than the oven says and then after your dish has been in the oven 10 minutes reset the temperature to the specified one. This counters the cold that gets into the oven when you’ve opened the door.
  • When baking a pie, it’s better to bake it on a jelly roll pan turned upside down.
  • Sunflower oil (80%) with extra virgin olive oil is better to cook with as it’s got a higher smoke point.
  • Don’t have guests bring appetizers as they may arrive late. Let them bring dessert.
  • The teacher suggested not serving appetizers first. She serves the meal 15 minutes after the start time, then people have time to talk or play games and after awhile have appetizers followed by dessert. (She seems big on games and activities.)
  • To avoid leaving platters at other hostesses homes, she either brings a white platter with an engraving on the back to give as a hostess gift or she brings her food in disposable packaging and borrows a platter or pan or from the hostess to use. That way she’s never in the midst of her own entertaining and realizing her platters or serving dishes are missing.
  • Before adding spices to a recipe, mix them with lemon juice or oil (that’s required by the recipe) to “wake them up.”