Though I’m not Jewish, I have participated in the 10Q reflections which take place between Rosh Hosannah and Yom Kippur. It’s great way to assess your life direction. I started late, but am catching up.

This year it’s 20 questions as for each day there’s one that’s general and one that’s related to COVID-19. You can check them out at doyou10q.com. One thing I appreciate is that they lock your questions up each year and the next year, they send them to you so you can read them and see how your year went.

Palm Sunday Mass

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.25.25 AM

Today I watched mass at 9:30 at St. John Cantius, a very traditional Catholic church. I got mixed up and didn’t realize this mass is in Latin and English. Now I’m not reviewing a mass, just describing this one. While there were no live attendees they did have 1300 online more or less.

St. John Cantius’ mass is done in a pre-Vatican II style so the priest doesn’t face the congregation during the consecration. You can watch all of the mass above. The homily can be seen at about the one hour point.

Most of the mass was sung or chanted and the beauty of the church itself is stunning. The gold and wood seem akin to the Chion Temple in Kyoto.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.46.16 AM

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 10.46.31 AM