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Each weekend, Eclectic Ali invites bloggers to are their experiences, musings, whatever through the Weekend Coffee Share challenge.

So grab a cup of coffee and share with us!  What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans?  Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?

If we were having coffee, we’d be out enjoying the bright foliage, which is already past its peak. We’d enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures knowing that they won’t last much longer.

I’d begin by sharing that I’m glad that voting is over. I worked for 17 days and my life was little more than checking people in or various forms of crowd control and troubleshooting. I’d get home, forage for some dinner, take a shower, possibly unwind with some TV or YouTube as I was too exhausted to read. I’d sleep but never restfully and it was always too soon before the alarm went off and I repeated the same routine. I’m thrilled that it was just two and a half weeks or so.

Election Day itself was a let down. My precinct only had 123 voters between 6 am and 7pm. Most voters went beforehand or by mail. The time dragged. One of the team members never showed up, one was spacey and slow-moving. Even though he drank 6 cans of Red Bull and a canned Starbucks espresso, he never moved faster than a snail.

It took me about three days to catch up on my sleep. Now I’m grateful to be back to my daily walks and reading. I’ve coasted through Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God for a book club discussion on Thursday. I haven’t been able to read much in months. Since it was so slow on Election Day, I could finish Paul Johnson’s Heroes.

Now I’m job hunting and not sure what direction to pursue. I struggled to submit a claim to the Illinois Department of Employment via it’s needlessly clunky website. There’s some bug and I’ve to a call in for help, but I’m not sure when I’ll get a call back, but my fingers are crossed. It should not be so hard.

I’m looking forward to being able to blog, write plays/scripts, and read in addition to hunting for a job.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Good luck with getting the Illinois unemployment benefits promptly. I know someone who filed for NJ unemployment benefits on October 1st and due to that website issues it took them over 2 weeks to get paid (meaning they got their first partial payment at the beginning of the 3rd week!).


    • It usually takes 2 weeks to get your first benefits here. I’m still waiting for my call from the help center. My problem is my inability to remove a work experience, the library, so that my recent work is who gets the claim. The website is quite old and cumbersome.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

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      • When I got NY unemployment benefits in 2009, the first week was an unpaid waiting period. So I received my first payment in the middle of the second week.


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