Why Tibet is China’s original laboratory of repression

(STL.News) For the longest time, the world has focused on Xinjiang.  But Beijing began its campaign of repression against the minorities in Tibet.  …

Why Tibet is China’s original laboratory of repression

Poem of the Week


By William Carlos Williams

When I was younger
it was plain to me
I must make something of myself.
Older now
I walk back streets
admiring the houses
of the very poor:
roof out of line with sides
the yards cluttered
with old chicken wire, ashes,
furniture gone wrong;
the fences and outhouses
built of barrel staves
and parts of boxes, all,
if I am fortunate,
smeared a bluish green
that properly weathered
pleases me best of all colors.
No one
will believe this
of vast import to the nation.

I have to say I’m not so sure about this one. I used to look at things as the poet does, but now I realize that I should be careful about romanticizing poverty. How do the residents like this neighborhood? Did he talk with them?


Though I’m not Jewish, I have participated in the 10Q reflections which take place between Rosh Hosannah and Yom Kippur. It’s great way to assess your life direction. I started late, but am catching up.

This year it’s 20 questions as for each day there’s one that’s general and one that’s related to COVID-19. You can check them out at doyou10q.com. One thing I appreciate is that they lock your questions up each year and the next year, they send them to you so you can read them and see how your year went.